Chapter 694: The Martial Spirit Pill (5)

    Chapter 694: The Martial Spirit Pill (5)

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    Kun Nan's fingers trembled as he slowly placed the Berserk Fruit into the pill cauldron.

    Perhaps no one felt more emotional than he at this very moment.

    This was because his success or failure lay in this one move!

    The chance to make a name for himself was in the palm of his hand!

    The Honorable Sir Lingshang could not contain himself from rising to his feet. His eyes were fixed upon Kun Nan. When it comes to his disciple, he had absolute faith in him. Since he dared to refine the pill in public, that proves that he had absolute certainty in his capabilities! Once he succeeds, the position as the number one elder would become his!

    The Honorable Sir Lingshang felt the urge to laugh at the thought as his heart was overcome by a secret delight.

    However, in the very next second, the smile on his face became frozen in place...

    A green-robed figure suddenly flashed across and a strong force snatched the Berserk Fruit in Kun Nan's hand. In the blink of an eye, a loud bang was heard. The Berserk fruit which had been in Kun Nan's hand was reduced to dust, crumbling before his dumbfounded gaze.

    The crowd was stunned and only came back to their senses when a loud, angry roar was heard.

    "You again!!! Do you love going against me that much? First, you had killed my beloved Shi'er, then you had destroyed my power. This time, you want to destroy my achievements too! Give me back my pill!"

    Kun Nan's eyes were bloodshot like a starving brute which had not eaten for days. He stared unflinchingly at Gu Ruoyun.

    He gritted his teeth as an abundance of murderous intent burst forth from his chest, twisting his features into a different form as his hatred increased, "I know that you've done this on purpose. You're afraid of me, afraid that once my achievements become too great, I would retaliate against you! Let me tell you this, Gu Ruoyun. I'm a genius, a true genius! I've learned the art of refining pills. Hahaha, in this entire mainland, no one else knows how to refine pills but me!"

    Gu Ruoyun looked quietly back at Kun Nan with a hint of pity in her eyes.

    Her expression somehow managed to anger Kun Nan even more. He charged straight towards her.

    "I'll kill you! It was you who cost me my chance at becoming the first pill master since the ancient times. You can go to hell!"

    Seeing that his hands were about to reach her neck, Gu Ruoyun finally made her move but no one could manage to catch her actions at all...


    Before Kun Nan could figure out what was going on, a strong force slammed into his chest, causing his body to be flung out of the way and land violently onto the crowd.

    Who was Kun Nan?

    He was the second most powerful member of the Spirit Sect, second only to Gu Shengxiao.

    Yet now, a young girl has managed to dispatch him in an instant?

    Nobody even managed to see how she had done it!

    Fresh blood poured out from his mouth but the pain on his chest was a far cry from the agony in his heart.

    He was so close to achieving success where so many others have failed yet he had been cut off by this woman. How could he possibly accept this?

    "A Martial Honor?"

    A frosty light flashed in the Honorable Sir Lingshang's eyes.  If I remember correctly, this woman had only just reached the rank of a Martial Emperor during the Divine Trials. It's only been close to two years and yet she has already become a Martial Honor!

    This woman cannot be allowed to live on!

    Each time he thought of her shocking talents, the Honorable Sir Lingshang's chest would fill with murderous intent. His eyes have become extremely gloomy and his elderly features were enveloped in a cold light.

    "This little girl is already a Martial Honor?"

    In contrast to the Honorable Sir Lingshang, the Honorable Sir Tianqi had raised his brows in surprise. Previously, he had not observed Gu Ruoyun's powers. He never thought that she would have unwittingly reached the ranks of a Martial Honor.
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