Chapter 696: Refining The Pill (2)

    Chapter 696: Refining The Pill (2)

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    However, Kun Nan had never given up! He persevered until the end and was only one step away from success. His steps in pill refinement were flawless.

    Yet this woman before him actually claims that she was more capable than him?

    It's true that her powers aren't too bad and she is a true genius as well. However, strength in power does not mean that her brains are sharper than Kun Nan's especially since this was based on an ancient pill formula! As such, upon hearing Gu Ruoyun's declaration, the Spirit Sect disciples who had held her in regard now began to snort disdainfully.

    It's one thing to feel confident but to have unfounded confidence is simply arrogance and complacency!

    "Hehe," The Honorable Sir Lingshang raised the corners of his lips. He swept his gaze towards his disciple who was about to blow up into a fit of rage, stopping him from losing his temper. His malicious gaze then fell upon Gu Ruoyun, "Sect Master, since this young lady has spoken, how can we not give her a chance? How about we let her give it a try so that she can understand that the lost art of pill refinement is not that simple."

    As he spoke, the disdain on his face was as clear as day.

    The Sect Master paused in silence before nodding and announcing with an authoritative voice, "Alright! Since Lady Gu has been invited here by the Honorable Sir Tianqi, if Lady Gu is truly able to refine this pill, the position as the number one elder shall be given to Elder Tianqi."

    Gu Ruoyun did not respond and simply walked towards the pill cauldron.

    Her features were extremely calm. She was so calm that she looked like a still lake where no fluctuations could be seen.

    "By the way, I've forgotten to mention this but this little girl is the boss of the Hundred Herb Hall. The Beauty Rejuvenation Pills and Longevity Pills have both been produced by her hands."

    The Honorable Sir Lingshang once again snorted disdainfully, "Beauty Rejuvenation Pills? Longevity Pills? I don't know who came up with those names. They probably thought that by simply attaching the word 'pill' to it would magically turn those items into precious pills. I had sent someone to purchase those two pills and have brought them back for examination. They are indeed just normal medicinal pills. They can't be considered as actual pills at all and they didn't have a single bit of spiritual energy at all!"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi shrugged his shoulders and did not continue the discussion with the old man. He smiled as he watched Gu Ruoyun.

    In front of the pill cauldron, Gu Ruoyun carefully raised a few herbs and stared at them for half a beat. No one could tell what she was actually doing. After a long pause, she then threw the herbs into the pill cauldron.

    Now that the art of refining pills was now extinct, naturally they would not know that reason why Gu Ruoyun had stared at the herbs for such a long time. This had been because she was clearing off the impurities.

    "Hey?" Suddenly, one person responded in surprise, "Lady Gu's pill refining steps are pretty much the same as Kun Nan's."

    "Is that any surprise? She must have sabotaged senior brother Kun Nan's refinement process and learned all his steps so that she could claim everything as her own. I think that her one action in staring at those herbs had been clearly done on purpose in order to show everyone else that she and senior brother Kun Nan are not the same."

    Overhearing the fervent discussion among the members of the crowd, Kun Nan sneered as he glared in rage at Gu Ruoyun.

    "Idiot girl, and I thought that you had some sort of capability. You're merely imitating me by following my actions. Everything that you've taken is the knowledge that you've learned from me. Even if you do manage to refine the pill, in the end, the world will know that you've succeeded only because of me. You would then be known as nothing but a shameless sl*t!"

    The entire plaza began buzzing with discussions. Only the Sect Master stared unblinkingly at Gu Ruoyun with a glint flashing in his eyes.
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