Chapter 697: Refining The Pill (3)

    Chapter 697: Refining The Pill (3)

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    The others may not have been able to sense Gu Ruoyun's actions but he, as a high-level Martial Honor, was able to clearly sense the mental strength Gu Ruoyun was emitting.

    She was using her mental strength to clean the impurities in the herbs!

    The herbs have now been purified.

    "Gu Shengxiao's little sister?" A peculiar light flashed in the Sect Master's eyes as he mumbled to himself, "Why have I never heard Shengxiao mention that he had a little sister like this? Kun Nan was very nervous when he was refining the pill a while ago, he clearly did not have a lot of confidence in himself. However, her movements have been leisurely and natural, as if she had a hundred percent guarantee for success."

    Besides, in the eyes of others, the steps used between the two of them may look the same but the Sect Master could sense very clearly the difference in medicinal powers in the pill cauldron.

    Could it be that this little girl could actually refine pills?

    "If that's true, I must ask Shengxiao to bring her into the Spirit Sect. We cannot allow the Courts of Hell or the Immortal Realm to have her. Otherwise, it would be too dangerous!"

    The Sect Master fell silent at the thought but his eyes never left Gu Ruoyun.

    "Quick, look! That young lady has just brought out the final ingredient!"

    The crowd was astonished as they saw Gu Ruoyun take out a small, grass-like plant from her robes. They had thought that she would follow in Kun Nan's footsteps and used a Berserk Fruit. They never would have thought that she would use a completely opposite herb from the Berserk Fruit instead. It was a green-colored herb with leaves in the shape of a cresent moon.

    That was correct!

    Even a person with no medical knowledge could sense the gentleness from the Spirit Moon Herb. This power was far too gentle and was at a completely different category from the Berserk Fruit.

    "Is she looking for her own death?"

    Kun Nan sneered.  I had used an entire year to discover that the final missing ingredient was the Berserk Fruit.

    Only the power of the Berserk Fruit can create this pill. Such a gentle power could never accomplish such an importatn task.

    There's no need to even think about it, her pill refinement method would be a complete failure.

    The noisy discussions between the members of the crowd seem to melt away as Gu Ruoyun placed all her focus on the pill cauldron in front of her. As the crowd watched, she gently placed the Spirit Moon Herb into the pill cauldron...


    A soft noise was heard.

    Then, all was silent again.

    At the same time, a thick medicinal fragrance followed by a thick spiritual energy began to overflow from within the cauldron, dispersing throughout the entire plaza.


    The entire plaza was as silent as the grave!

    Kun Nan charged towards Gu Ruoyun like a madman. His totally unattractive face was completely pale. He murmured in disbelief, "How is this possible? It's not possible! According to my research, only the Berserk Fruit can be powerful enough to be the final ingredient in forming the pill! That gentle Spirit Moon Herb can't possibly do the trick!"

    He shook his head and staggered back. His expression was an extremely ugly sight to behold. It was as if he could not reemerge from this attack.

    Gu Ruoyun's actions had been like a violent slap. He could not bear it!


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi could finally lay down the nervousness in his heart. He burst into wanton and unrestrained laughter as he stared mockingly at the Honorable Sir Lingshang, whose elderly face was completely ashen.

    "I told you, this little girl is the boss of the Hundred Herb Hall. The Hundred Herb Hall has always been selling pills yet all of you had not believed me and had insisted that those were only regular medicinal pills. So, now what? A violent slap across the face isn't a very good feeling, is it?"
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