Chapter 699: Refining The Pill (5)

    Chapter 699: Refining The Pill (5)

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    At the Spirit Sect.

    In a spacious and bright room, the Honorable Sir Lingshang was seated next to a coffee table. He looked as if he had to restrain himself over and over again in order to avoid slamming his fist onto the innocent table.

    "Gu Ruoyun!!!"

    His eyes darkened as a cold light flashed across his pupils, "I didn't think that she would still be alive. I thought that the Immortal Realm would have killed her off by now."

    The Immortal Realm had been searching for her whereabouts during the past one to two years. He initially thought that this woman would have certainly been killed off by the members of the Immortal Realm. In the end, she was unexpectedly still alive and has even broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor!

    Martial Honor! That was a rank which I've spent over sixty years to reach. This woman is only about twenty years of age yet she already has achievements of this level.

    "No, one Gu Shengxiao is dangerous enough. If this Gu Ruoyun is allowed to continue her growth, no one on this mainland will ever be able to defeat her!" The Honorable Sir Lingshang fiercely exhaled and his eyes flashed with malice, "Kun Nan, let's make a trip to the Immortal Realm!"

    Kun Nan looked at the Honorable Sir Lingshang with shock and grew silent, "Master, we've never had any relations with the Immortal Realm. If we go and visit them like this, I'm afraid..."

    The Honorable Sir Lingshang laughed icily and his eyes were eerie and terrifying. A powerful murderous intent burst from his body as he spat, "That woman has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Honor. Even I do not have absolute certainty that I would be able to kill her. If we let her escape, it would bring a great disaster in the future! So, under these circumstances, we have to secretly tip off the Immortal Realm. Only with the full might of the powerful cultivators from the Immortal Realm can we truly defeat her!"

    The Honorable Sir Lingshang paused before turning towards the far-off skies as he smiled scornfully, "Besides, I reckon that the Immortal Realm is still unaware of her breakthrough to the rank of a Martial Honor. Once they find out, they would definitely send out countless powerful Martial Honors! How can she defend herself against so many on her own? In order to make sure that the Sect Master does not find out about this, we don't need to show ourselves. We only need to stay in the shadows and watch the show."

    While many have witnessed Qianbei Ye killing countless powerful cultivators from the Immortal Realm, it wasn't Gu Ruoyun who had actually done the killing. Besides, after having killed off so many Martial Honors, no one knows whether that man was now dead or aline. Without that man by her side, Gu Ruoyun was simply no match for so many Martial Honors.

    The only thing they need to do now was to inform the Immortal Realm of Gu Ruoyun's appearance in the Spirit Sect.

    A wave of vicious light flashed in the Honorable Sir Lingshang's eyes. His face grew more eerie and horrifying. The murderous look in his eyes was absolutely terrifying.

    Kun Nan did not speak. He understood the reason behind his Master's words. Now, the only way to kill her was by utilizing the Immortal Realm!

    "Gu Ruoyun, I have yet to avenge Shi'er's death. You've also embarrassed me in front of so many people. A new hatred and an old vengeance, I'll ensure that you won't even know how your own death happened!"


    In the laboratory, the Honorable Sir Tianqi was sweating as he refined his pills. He stared anxiously at the pill cauldron before him.

    I've failed a hundred times!

    That's right, it has indeed been a hundred times! Before coming in contact with the pill, I thought that I only needed the pill formula to refine pills. Yet, now I understand how difficult it really is. Even with an instructor me, I've been failing incessantly.

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head and her face looked thoroughly exasperated. This old fellow has been refining for a good few days and nights now and has wasted a big pile of herbs yet he still hasn't had any success.

    "Elder Tianqi, Lady Gu."

    Suddenly, the room's door was pushed open and a man dressed in green entered the room. He joined his fists and spoke with reverance, "The Lord Sect Master requests an audience."

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