Chapter 701: Depart, Kill (2)

    Chapter 701: Depart, Kill (2)

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    Her voice was fresh and calm like the wind; it was hard to not believe her every word.

    The Sect Master narrowed his eyes slightly and fell silent.

    Actually, he had other reasons for asking Gu Ruoyun to join the Spirit Sect.

    Three Great Authorities may seem to be bound together for good or ill on the surface but not many people know of their internal disputes. While the Immortal Realm is at loggerheads with Gu Ruoyun which means that this woman would never join them, he still had to fear the Courts of Hell!

    If she were to join the Courts of Hell, from then on, the Spirit Sect's power would become weaker than the Courts of Hell!

    This was why he had decided to do this today.

    However, he had forgotten that Gu Shengxiao was her older brother! As long as Gu Shengxiao was around, Gu Ruoyun would never agree to help the Courts of Hell to threaten the Spirit Sect!

    Furthermore, he believed her when she said that if she truly wishes to leave, no one here could stop her.

    As such, would that be provoking an unstoppable future enemy of the Spirit Sect or keeping another ally?

    "I wonder if there's anything else, Sect Master? If not, then I'll take my leave."

    Gu Ruoyun knew that her words have entered his head when she observed the Sect Master deep in his thoughts.

    Actually, if it wasn't for the Honorable Sir Tianqi and my older brother, I would never have bothered to spout such rubbish! With my current level of power, I no longer need to fear the Three Great Authorities.

    "Sect Master!"

    Realizing that Gu Ruoyunw as about to leave, a few elders grew nervous and tried to say something. However, the Sect Master simply raised his hand and stopped them. His cold voice rang aloud, "Let her go."

    Gu Ruoyun said nothing more and turned to leave the meeting room. Initially, the Honorable Sir Tianqi was about to follow suit but after a bit of thought, he decided to stay.

    "Sect Master, you've crossed the line today!" The Honorable Sir Tianqi was usually very respectful towards the Sect Master but now, he could not help but react with anger. He spoke with a furious look on his face, "The Gu girl has been a big help to the Spirit Sect and yet she has never asked for any remuneration. Now, you had tried to force her to join the Spirit Sect! It's a good thing you had decided against it. Otherwise, Gu Shengxiao and I will no longer stay with the Spirit Sect."

    It probably wouldn't matter so much if Gu Ruoyun was somebody else but this girl is my little sister's only maternal granddaughter and she looks so much like her mother. If my sister finds out that something has happened to this girl, she would storm the Spirit Sect immediately and take her revenge.

    When that time comes, I will certainly stand with my sister.

    There's no need to even mention Gu Shengxiao. That guy had been raising his power with the ambition to take over the Spirit Sect all for the sake of this little girl. If the family whom he had dedicated himself to protect ended up getting hurt in his own organization, knowing that kid, he would definitely fly off the handle!

    "The Honorable Sir Tianqi, are you threatening me?" The Sect Master was already angry enough. Yet this damned old man can't seem to make sense of the situation and has dared to threaten me?

    Does he really think that I won't punish him?

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi rolled his eyes. Suddenly, he laughed, "I forgot to tell you that the girl said that she wants to pass on all her knowledge in pill refinement to me. I now know how to refine pills."


    The Sect Master was so incensed that his face turned ashen.

    What does this mainland lack most of all?

    Pill masters!

    Because right now, on this mainland, not a single pill master had remained in existence.

    If he were to anger this old man, perhaps he might run to the Courts of Hell immediately. The Spirit Sect would then lose more than an elder.
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