Chapter 702: Depart, Kill (3)

    Chapter 702: Depart, Kill (3)

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    Perhaps this old man knows his own worth as well, that's why he dares to threaten me!

    The Sect Master forced himself to calm the rage within his heart and rose to his feet. He then straightened his sleeves and walked away.

    He did not bother giving the Honorable Sir Tianqi a second look as he left.

    "The Honorable Sir Tianqi, you've learned how to refine pills? Congratulations."

    Seeing that the Sect Master has finally left, the elders who could no longer contain themselves immediately rose from their seats and hurriedly surrounded the Honorable Sir Tianqi. Their faces were filled with smiles of adoration.


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi chuckled dryly and felt a little guilty. After all, he has only just scratched the surface of pill refinement and was still unable to refine pills completely. He excused himself and broke away from the circle with his entire body drenched in cold sweat.

    "Damn it, humans really shouldn't brag. It seems that I'm going to have to shut myself in from now on, never to emerge until I've successfully refined a pill. Those old farts might start latching on to me. If the cat gets out of the bag, I would be finished."

    As he spoke, he wiped the sweat off his brow guiltily and hurriedly walked towards Gu Ruoyun.

    He saw her delicate and pretty figure from afar. The Honorable Sir Tianqi's eyes shone as he picked up the pace and approached her.

    "What? You're out so soon?" Gu Ruoyun clearly noticed the Honorable Sir Tianqi approaching and raised her eyebrow, "Did the Sect Master cause trouble for you?"

    "I'm now the only person aside from you who knows the art of pill refinement. How would he dare to cause trouble for me?" The Honorable Sir Tianqi looked as if he was rejoicing in the misfortune of others, "By the way, little girl, is there any way for me to quickly pick up on pill refinement?"


    Gu Ruoyun mercilessly rejected him, "I've given you all the tools you need. You only need to practice a little more and control the fire level. Besides, if you happen to pick up any other pill formulas, you can try refining those pills as well. I can be on my way now."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi was stunned as he asked, "You won't wait for Gu Shengxiao to come out?"

    "No," Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "I have another matter to attend to so I must be on my way. Great Uncle, when my big brother comes out, have him look for me at the Dongfang family home. I'll be waiting for him there."

    Just a while ago, a Dongfang family member had sent a message stating that something had happened to the Xia family and asked her to pay them a visit.

    Regardless, the Xia family are Yu'er's only family in this lifetime, I cannot sit idly by.


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi smiled, "Little girl, if there's something you need to take care of, I will give the message to Shengxiao. I'll escort you down the mountain now."

    "There's no need," Gu Ruoyun looked at the Honorable Sir Tianqi and shook her head, "I can leave on my own. Take care, Great Uncle. I hope that when we meet again, you'll be refining pills successfully."

    She then turned into a flash of green light and charged down the mountain.

    At this moment, she did not notice a malicious figure hiding in the corner. A pair of vicious eyes filled with murderous light stared at the departing figure.

    "Gu Ruoyun! You've finally left the Spirit Sect. It's certainly no loss for the members of the Immortal Realm who've been waiting for you outside the Spirit Sect for such a long time! Now, I can finally have my revenge. Don't worry, Shi'er, I'm going to watch how she dies! This is the price she'll pay for killing you!"

    My Shi'er was so kind and perfect, like a fairy. This woman viciously had her murdered, she clearly deserves to die!

    Anyone who kills a fairy is a demon!


    If one wishes to head back to the world after leaving the Spirit Sect, one must first pass through a mountain peak fraught with peril.
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