Chapter 703: Depart, Kill (4)

    Chapter 703: Depart, Kill (4)

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    At this moment, at the peak of a mountain, the young woman who was soaring through the air immediately stopped in her tracks. Her clear, cold gaze swept towards the brushing trees.

    "You've been following me for such a long time, isn't it about time for you to come out?"


    Instantly, over ten figures appeared from thin air before Gu Ruoyun's eyes.

    As she stared at the dignified-looking elders dressed in white, Gu Ruoyun crossed her hands over her chest as her lips curled into a shallow smile, "The Immortal Realm certainly has a lot of Martial Honors on hand. After killing so many of them, there's still quite a few more of you! I wonder how your underlings were nurtured? I'm afraid that not even the other two Great Authorities know how many Martial Honors the Immortal Realm actually has!"

    Previously, during the Divine Trials, Qianbei Ye had killed off countless Martial Honors. Gu Ruoyun never expected that they would still be so many Martial Honors left in the Immortal Sect!

    Gu Ruoyun was suddenly very curious. What has the Immortal Realm been using to nurture so many Martial Honors?

    Besides... The aura of these people feels quite unstable. It almost seems like they had utilized some external factor in order to break through.

    "Hmph, that's none of your business."

    The leading white-robed elder seems like a mid-level Martial Honor. He scoffed coldly and stared emotionlessly down at Gu Ruoyun, "Damned girl, your vicious acts are hated by both man and god. Today, the Immortal Realm shall enforce justice in the name of the heavens and wipe you, this disaster of a human, off the face of this earth!"

    "It looks to me that the Immortal Realm is still hanging on to this sanctimonious facade." Gu Ruoyun's lips lifted into a shallow smile as she gazing at the members of the Immortal Realm, "If you want my life for the sake of your own private ends, you should just say it straight away. Why make so many excuses? Immortal Realm? Hehe. I reckon that the people I've killed are only a small scrap of the Immortal Realm."


    The elder's face sank and he retorted with sharp righteousness, "Demon woman, do not insult me! The Immortal Realm holds an upright existence on this mainland! The sins you've committed have angered the heavens as well so the heavens have permitted the Immortal Realm to destroy you!"


    In that instant, every member of the Immortal Realm emitted a strong aura from their bodies and directed all of it towards Gu Ruoyun.

    To them, it does not matter if this demon woman was now at the rank of a Martial Honor. There were so many of them that their combined coercion should crush her alive!

    How could one tiny ant go up against so many elephants?

    That was simply too outrageous!

    In their hearts, Gu Ruoyun was a tiny, weak ant. She could not possibly be a match for them.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled gently. Her clear, cold eyes were still and calm.


    She gently moved her lips and said, "Mei Xue, Mo Liyou, Hei Bao, and... Master Murong. I'll leave the rest to you."

    Once she spoke, she moved to the side in a flash and simply found a tree to sit herself down so she could watch the scene before her contentedly.

    The members of the Immortal Realm were stunned, unsure of what was going on.

    In the face of so many powerful people before her, she still has the mood to relax and watch the show?


    However, at that moment, a few people suddenly appeared from thin air and stood before the members of the Immortal Realm.

    Due to the fact that Xiao Hei contains an extremely dense amount of spiritual energy which was highly suitable for cultivation and the fact that time moved quicker inside Xiao Hei, in contrast to the world outside, everyone has managed to make significant breakthroughs. Especially Master Murong, who had pretty much charged towards the rank of a low-level Martial Honor!

    Gu Ruoyun did not wish to fight for two reasons. One, she wanted to let them flex their muscles and two, these people have used external means to break through to the rank of a Martial Honor. They were a far cry from the true Martial Honors like Mei Xue and the others!

    "Lord Governor, don't worry. Leave these guys to us."
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