Chapter 704: Depart, Kill (5)

    Chapter 704: Depart, Kill (5)

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    Mei Xue smiled seductively. Even though she had been unable to reach the rank of a mid-level Martial Honor during her cultivation in Xiao Hei, she has risen in battle prowess considerably. Now, these low-level Martial Honors were no match for her.

    She was already a formidable adversary for a mid-level Martial Honor, able to hold her own for about ten techniques or more.

    Of course, if the opposition has an unstable aura like the ones before her, she could definitely defeat a mid-level Martial Honor!

    "You're looking for death!"

    The elder who had projected the aura of a mid-level Martial Honor changed his expression greatly and charged towards Mei Xue, ready to attack.

    However, he was soon in for a shock because the woman before him was simply too fast! She was so fast that he could not even see her. Was this the speed of a low-level Martial Honor?

    "Impossible. This... is impossible!"

    Behind a large tree not too far away, Kun Nan witnessed the scene and staggered back in shock.

    His face has turned pale and he looked overwhelmed as if he dared not believe what he had just seen.

    "Why does she have so many Martial Honors under her thumb? Furthermore, how could they hold their own against ten of the most powerful cultivators in the Immortal Realm?"

    This can't be real!

    Gu Ruoyun has no background and even with her strong abilities, she was only a low-level Martial Honor. What capabilities does she have to be able to recruit four powerful low-level Martial Honors?

    Especially that beautiful yet sickly wheelchair-bound man. Without even standing up, every enemy who comes near him would be hit by an unknown attack and immediately fall to the ground...

    It was abnormal!

    These guys are totally abnormal!

    In his shock and panic, Kun Nan exposed his aura. The wheelchair-bound man sensed his presence and turned towards his hiding spot...

    He covered his nose in shock and tried to run away. At this very moment, he only had one thought, that was to leave this place!

    Forget about vengeance, I don't need it anymore!

    I only want to run away and never see these abnormal weirdos again!


    As he realized that Kun Nan was trying to run away, Mo Liyou shot a silver light from the palm of his hand which landed, of all things, on his thigh. Kun Nan fell stiffly onto the ground and when he tried to get up, he realized that his limbs would not cooperate with him at all.

    Slowly, the fear in his eyes increased. He was now truly regretting his actions in going against Gu Ruoyun.

    Of course, Gu Ruoyun did not seem to notice any of this. She continued to lounge contentedly on the tree. There was a smile in her clear, cold eyes as she witnessed the ongoing battle.

    "Mei Xue, the four of you, I want you to resolve this battle quickly."

    Suddenly, Mei Xue and the rest heard Gu Ruoyun's voice mid-fight and turned around. Four weapons were then flung towards them.

    Next came the woman's clear and serene voice, "Contract."


    The four of them were stunned as they stared in astonishment at the weapons in their hands. The clear spiritual energy rushed into their hearts, clearing their minds.

    Spiritual weapons!

    These are actually spiritual weapons!

    Furthermore, her words mean that she has decided to gift these to us!

    Mei Xue and the rest hurriedly suppressed their excitement and shock. They swiftly drew a contract with the spiritual weapons before rejoining the battle once again.

    Even though the members of the Immortal Realm had forcibly raised their level of strength, due to their great numbers, fighting them still required quite a bit of stamina. Now, with the spiritual weapons on hand, they moved like fish in water as they cut down one enemy after another.

    Gu Ruoyun had her reasons for gifting those spiritual weapons as well.

    In the past, she would never have shown them these spiritual weapons. However, once a human enters Xiao Hei, they would become restricted by Xiao Hei. Those restrictions would not appear to be very obvious except when a person has a traitorous heart. Xiao Hei would be able to detect that immediately.
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