Chapter 705: Lingxiaos Return (1)

    Chapter 705: Lingxiao's Return (1)

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    As such, with restrictions like these in place, she felt safe in granting them these spiritual gifts.


    Gu Ruoyun gently narrowed her eyes as her gaze fell upon the wheelchair-bound Mo Liyou. A pondering look appeared in her eyes.

    If what I've sensed from Xiao Hei is true, then Mo Liyou is actually...

    However, regardless of his identity, he can't harm me now so it has nothing to do with me!

    Soon, the entire grassland was drenched in blood. The members of the Immortal Realm who had been hooting and hollering now lay on the ground, silenced. Once all the strong cultivators of the Immortal Realm has been killed, Gu Ruoyun finally turned her gaze towards the panicking Kun Nan.

    Her expression looked as serene as always but it was this particular calm from within her which terrified Kun Nan to the bone. He tried to get up but lacked the strength, he could only stare with eyes wide open at the woman who was approaching him.

    "Kun Nan, when we met last time, I had left you with your life. I never expected you to serve yourself up on a plate. Do you remember what I had said the back then? You once dared to lay your hands on my older brother so I'm going to make you pay!"

    Xia Linyu is my kin.

    Gu Shengxiao is my big brother in this lifetime and is someone who would protect me with his life.

    I won't allow anyone to scheme against him!

    If anybody dares to do so, they shall be destroyed!

    "What do you want to do? Gu Ruoyun, you already have the Immortal Realm as your enemy. If you dare to harm me, my master and the entire Spirit Sect would never let you get away with it!" Kun Nan screamed as his face completely distorted out of fear, he looked extremely malevolent.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly and her eyes were clear, cold and calm, "So what?"

    Yes, so what?

    I was not just about Kun Nan. If the entire Spirit Sect were to harbor ill intentions towards Gu Shengxiao, she would not mind destroying the entire Spirit Sect.

    "Lady Gu, let's talk about this, alright?" Kun Nan had wet himself in his extreme fear as his entire being trembled.

    Just because he had been boasting about taking revenge for Shi Yun does not mean that he was willing to give up his life for it! Now that it has come to a life-threatening point, all thoughts of hatred and vengeance have now been thrown to the back of his mind.

    He only wants to live!

    "See how young you are. Why would you take things so hard and go against the Spirit Sect? If you let me go, I'll never hold a grudge against you nor would I cause you any more trouble. I beg you, let me go."

    These words were not false.

    Kun Nan was now so scared out of his wits that if someone was to ask him to send more people after Gu Ruoyun, he would not dare to do so even if he had been given a hundred glasses of liquid courage.

    Gu Ruoyun folded her arms across her chest as she stared at Kun Nan's increasing panic attack with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

    "It's all my master's fault. It was my master, the Honorable Sir Lingshang, who had asked me to do it. If you want vengeance, look for him instead. I'm innocent, he had forced me into this. Lady Gu, please let me off, I really don't want to die."

    Kun Nan threw himself to the ground and shuffled two steps forward on his knees. His hands clutched the corner of Gu Ruoyun's robe as he tugged on it with teary eyes, begging for mercy.


    Suddenly, a powerful flame erupted from Gu Ruoyun's body and threw Kun Nan out of the way. A suffocating aura then enveloped the skies. At that moment, Kun Nan felt as if a large hand had wrapped itself around his neck, making it hard for him to breathe.

    "Get your filthy hands away, don't touch her!"

    The man's eerie voice slammed into Kun Nan's chest, causing his throat to close up. He spat out a mouthful of blood.

    Gu Ruoyun's expression slowly softened at the sound of that voice. She turned around and saw the silver-haired man. She smiled at him as she asked, "Xiao Ye, why have you come out?"
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