Chapter 706: Lingxiaos Return (2)

    Chapter 706: Lingxiao's Return (2)

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    "If I had not come out, that guy would have just held on to your robe and not let go." Qianbei Ye frowned and swept his gaze towards the corner of her robe. He said pitifully, "Get rid of this robe."

    "Alright," Gu Ruoyun smiled gently, "I'll go and change later."

    Hearing this, Qianbei Ye's expression softened and his lips curled into a devastating smile. However, his smile disappeared as soon as he turned to the pale-looking Kun Nan on the floor. A powerful aura would burst forth and smashed against Kun Nan once again.

    So powerful!

    Kun Nan was shocked and he stared in surprise at the man before him.

    I've felt the Sect Master's coercion before but this man's aura is much more powerful than the Sect Master's...

    The Sect Master is also a high-level Martial Honor! If he's stronger than the Sect Master, could it be that he's...

    A Martial Supreme!

    When the two words appeared in his mind's eye, Kun Nan began to tremble all over.

    It's all Master's fault. If it wasn't for his schemes, I would never have fallen into such a dangerous situation!

    It's all his fault!

    Kun Nan gnashed his teeth hatefully, completely forgetting that it was he who had dragged his master down with him because of Shi Yun. He was also the one who had embarrassed himself in public and wanted to use every possible means to exact revenge.

    His poor master, the Honorable Sir Lingshang, had always put his disciple's best interest at heart. It was also because of his disciple that he now carries a grudge against Gu Ruoyun.

    Nevertheless, even after doing so much for him, he had become the most hated person in Kun Nan's heart.

    If he ever finds out about this, he would probably be angered to death!


    Qianbei Ye increased the intensity of his aura. At that moment, Kun Nan could clearly hear cracking sounds coming from the bones in his body. Then, he felt the weight of a great mountain pressing on him, making it hard for him to breathe.

    An extremely powerful cultivator's coercion could even kill his target outright!

    This was something his master had mentioned to him before but he had never believed it. Now he knows that there was such a person in the world who could crush someone to death simply with their aura alone.

    Slowly, Kun Nan's body became numb and blood began to shoot out from within, drenching his entire body. If some unknowing soul were to pass by, they would certainly feel extremely shaken.

    There was nothing pressed against Kun Nan yet he was slowing being squashed into a hamburger patty. It was a particularly nauseating sight.

    "Yun'er, let's go."

    Qianbei Ye turned away and no longer bothered to look at hamburger patty Kun Nan. His eyes, which had been drenched with murderous intent, immediately softened when they landed on Gu Ruoyun. He smiled as beautifully as a flower and looked so mesmerizing that he seemed out of this world.

    "Yun'er, are you angry?"

    When he noticed that Gu Ruoyun had not responded, the smile on Qianbei Ye's face gradually disappeared. He spoke pitifully, "Who asked him to pull on your robe?"

    Mei Xue and the others who were shocked by Qianbei Ye's quick change in demeanor could not help but twitch their lips when they heard this.

    This man had killed Kun Nan just because he had pulled on her robe?

    When it comes to Qianbei Ye's temper, Gu Ruoyun knew him like the back of her hand.

    After knowing him for so many years, as soon as someone lay their hands on a single hair on her head, this man would immediately go on a killing spree without another word! Of course, he would only retaliate in this manner if those people were her enemies! For others such as Zuo Shangchen, Zixie... And that child Ye Nuo, regardless of how much Qianbei Ye hated having them by her side, he would not really hurt them.

    "Xiao Ye," Gu Ruoyun recomposed her thoughts and asked, "Has your body fully recovered?"
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