Chapter 708: Lingxiaos Return (4)

    Chapter 708: Lingxiao's Return (4)

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    "Alright. Gu girl, follow me."

    Master Xia glanced at Gu Ruoyun and sighed again. He then turned around and led the way to the underground chamber.

    At this moment in the underground chamber, a pale-looking old man was lying curled up on the ground. He looked as if he was suffering immensely and was under some form of torture.

    The old man opened his tired eyes. He seemed to have sensed their footsteps from far away. He turned towards the figure in green approaching him and tried to speak but could only whisper weakly, "You're here..."

    "Lingxiao, what on earth happened? The Longevity Pill should have helped to support you for another ten years. Why have you become this way so suddenly?"

    Furthermore, in order to prevent Lingxiao from enduring any more torture, I had placed a stand-in as well. What's happened to him?

    Lingxiao smiled bitterly, "It seems that I can't go on any longer. It's a good thing that you're here so that I can see my friends one last time. Will you let me see the White Tiger and the Azure Dragon? Unfortunately, I still haven't seen the Vermillion Bird. Between the four of us, the Vermillion Bird is the one with the purest mind and would easily fall for the lies of others. I really can't stop worrying..."

    Just as he was speaking, two figures rushed out from Gu Ruoyun's body.

    "Lingxiao, what has happened to you?" Yunyao's entire face was filled with anxiety. Her eyes were full of concern and worry as she asked, "You were alright not too long ago, how had this happened all of a sudden?"

    The Azure Dragon, Tianqiong, did not speak. His handsome face was lost in deep thought as his profound eyes observed Lingxiao. His thoughts were unreadable.

    "Please step aside."

    Gu Ruoyun calmly requested.

    Hearing this, Yunyao and Tianqiong made a pathway, allowing the woman to approach Lingxiao's side.

    "I initially intended to wait for Zixie to come back to life before helping you break the seal. Now, it seems that I have no other way. I can only try."

    Yunyao's eyes shone as she asked, "Master, can you save Lingxiao?"

    Gu Ruoyun shook her head, "I'm not a hundred percent certain. Truthfully speaking, I'm not even fifty percent certain!"

    It's true, this was the least certain Gu Ruoyun has ever been yet it was also something that she absolutely must do.

    Yunyao felt anxious. She knew that since Gu Ruoyun has said it, that proves that she was completely uncertain of whether she could break Lingxiao out of this formation.

    "I want all of you to wait outside first. I need to be here alone. Master Xia, remember, before Lingxiao and I emerge, you mustn't let anyone inside. Otherwise, not only would I fail in breaking this formation, both Lingxiao and I will lose our lives."

    The woman slowly raised her head, her clear and cold eyes looked extremely grave.

    Having followed Gu Ruoyun for such a long time, this was the first time Yunyao had ever seen Gu Ruoyun look like that. Even when faced with countless life-threatening dangers, she has never looked this grim.

    Could it be... That saving Lingxiao is really that difficult?

    Her heart clenched at the thought of this. She wanted to speak but was stopped by Tianqiong.

    "Yunyao, let's go." Tianqiong frowned and turned to the woman in green before them. His lips moved a little, "You must watch out for your own safety. If you're faced with something you can't do, don't force it. The Four Divine Beasts owe you quite enough."

    He then held Yunyao's hand and walked out the door.

    "I'll stay with you."

    Qianbei Ye's eyes fell upon the girl's lucid and elegant face. An unknown light flashed in his peerless features, "I'm worried about you."

    Hearing this, Gu Ruoyun nodded and smiled gently, "Alright."
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