Chapter 710: Lingxiaos Return (6)

    Chapter 710: Lingxiao's Return (6)

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    On the East Peak Mainland.

    A man was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed on the holy altar suddenly opened his eyes. His expression slowly turned ugly and an eerie sneer formed on the corners of his lips.

    "Someone has touched my formation!"

    He laughed icily as ridicule spread throughout his face, "The Black Tortoise, Lingxiao. You once rejected the offer to become this Holy One's mount. As a result, you had been left to waste your life away in the formation created by this Holy One! Nobody would be able to help you!"

    "Anyone who tries will die!"


    In the middle of the white light, Gu Ruoyun could feel a powerful force smashing into her chest. She staggered back and a trickle of blood began to flow from the corner of her lips. At this moment, she cared about nothing else and hurriedly used all of her willpower to resist the attack from the opposition's formation.


    Suddenly, a heart-rending scream pierced through the walls and out of the stone chamber. Everyone from the entire Xia family could hear it clearly.

    Lingxiao began writhing on the floor in agony. He did not know what was going on either. He felt as if his entire body was wrapped in burning flames and he would turn into ashes in the very next second.

    "Lingxiao, your life is at an end! This Holy One has permitted you to stay alive for so long yet you've shown no gratitude for my generosity. Instead, you would dare to try and escape. Last time, you had used a body double as a substitute for my punishment and I've yet to collect that debt. Now, you've even brought these people."

    "Lingxiao, since this is your choice, this Holy One shall turn your body into a toy for fire and burn you alive!"

    The voice was grave and stern. The person sounded like a noble supreme ruler who was above all and looked down with disdain upon all living things.


    Upon hearing that man's voice, a powerful, raging flame erupted within Gu Ruoyun and burst forth. Her voice dripped with an intense bloodlust, "It's you!!! You're the one who has brought harm to the Azure Dragon and the others. You're the one behind all of this!!!"

    She would never forget that person's voice no matter how many tens of thousands of years may pass.

    If it had not been for him, Zixie would never have been reduced to a phoenix egg!

    If if it had not been for him, Shi Yun would never have come into existence!


    That voice laughed wildly. Following that, Gu Ruoyun felt a heaviness within her body, almost paralyzing her. However, at the most critical moment, an arm reached out from behind and pulled her into a tight embrace.

    At the same time, the coercion disappeared and the white light dispersed. The stone chamber had returned to silence once more.


    When her eyes fell upon Qianbei Ye, Gu Ruoyun jumped with fright.

    Regardless of how much anger the man had displayed in the past, he has never looked as if he had just crawled out from the depths of hell and was drenched in an eerie aura. His already terrifying crimson eyes had turned a deep blood-red. His peerless features were completely shrouded in a cold, terrifying light.

    His red robes fluttered despite there being no wind. His silver hair danced around his face and a thick murderous intent erupted, enough to cause anyone to shudder with fear.

    Gu Ruoyun had a feeling that if that man had been here, Qianbei Ye would have immediately sliced him into pieces.


    Perhaps slicing him up would not be enough!

    The aura reeking from his body was far too thick but she could not tell what grudge Qianbei Ye held against that man.

    "Qianbei Ye, it seems that you remember who I am now. Hahaha! I really didn't think that from that past turmoil, the number one man in all of the heavens would have turned into the world's first demon! Have you forgotten why your hair had turned into that particular color? Tsk tsk, you look so different from how you had looked like in the past."

    That man who addressed himself as 'this Holy One' burst into laughter. His voice carried a palpable sense of mockery.
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