Chapter 715: A Shocking Birthday! (1)

    Chapter 715: A Shocking Birthday! (1)

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    The crowd watched as a stern figure appeared before their eyes.

    They saw a man walking in the moonlight. He looked extremely handsome with chiseled features. His cold, dark eyes became gentle at the sight of the woman in green before him, "Yun'er..."

    Gu Ruoyun quickly stepped out from Lan Yuge's side and appeared in front of Gu Shengxiao in a flash. Her eyes were shining with emotion.

    "Big Brother, you've come out?"

    Gu Shengxiao nodded as his callused hand stroked Gu Ruoyun's hair. The amount of tenderness in his gaze was as deep as the sea, enough to drown a person alive.

    "I heard about the events which had transpired since I was away. I never thought that you would have to endure so much during that time. From now on, Big Brother will protect you, alright?"

    Gu Ruoyun's eyes flashed with surprise as she stared at the man before her.

    She could sense very clearly that this man was now...

    A high-level Martial Honor!

    Where on earth had he gone in order to raise his level of power so quickly?


    Lan Yuge's expression was filled with immense joy. She gazed at the stern face before her and her eyes filled with pain, "You look just like your father, so very much alike. When I look at the both of you, it's almost like Yu'er and Gu Tian have reappeared once again."

    Gu Shengxiao gently pursed his lips. There was a cold firmness in the set of his mouth. After a long pause, he made his way to Lan Yuge and Master Dongfang. He then threw himself down and knelt on the floor, exclaiming, "Maternal Grandfather, Maternal Grandmother, your grandson has arrived to pay you a visit."

    "Good child, please stand up."

    Lan Yuge hurriedly stooped down and pulled Gu Shengxiao up from the ground. She discreetly wiped a tear from the corner of her eyes as she gazed at the man in front of her, looking absolutely pleased.

    "Even thought Yu'er is no longer here, she's left the two of you for me. I'm now content."

    Master Dongfang tried to say something but kept it to himself in the end. He patted Lan Yuge's shoulder in a comforting manner, "Don't worry, didn't Yun'er say that Gu Tian and Yu'er are still alive? Someday, our family will be reunited."

    "If that truly happens, it would be wonderful."

    Lan Yuge laughed bitterly and sighed helplessly. She held onto Gu Ruoyun with one hand and Gu Shengxiao with the other and walked towards the seat of the Master, seating them beside her.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, you already know my maternal granddaughter, Gu Ruoyun. This is my maternal grandson, Gu Shengxiao!"


    The crowd immediately went into a sensation.

    Unless we've heard this wrong, this grim-faced man seems to the Young Sect Master of the Spirit Sect!

    The Young Sect Master of the Spirit Sect is Lan Yuge's maternal grandson?

    It seems that the Dongfang family has increased their prestige, no one can provoke them now.

    Rong Xin clenched her fair, white fist as a malicious glint flashed in her eyes like a dagger.

    "When I first found out that Gu Ruoyun is a member of the Dongfang family, I knew that killing her would be extremely difficult. Now, the Spirit Sect has become involved as well! This will make it even more difficult to go against her. If I can't kill this woman, I will never be able to kill that sl*t, Wei Yiyi!"


    This won't do!

    I must find a way to kill them both!

    Suddenly, she felt a pair of eyes watching her. Rong Xin hurriedly withdrew the murderous intent in her eyes and turned to face Gu Ruoyun as she broke into a smile.

    Gu Ruoyun glanced at Rong Xin with a smile that did not reach her eyes. She soon withdrew her gaze after that.
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