Chapter 716: A Shocking Birthday! (2)

    Chapter 716: A Shocking Birthday! (2)

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    Honestly speaking, there was no need for her to pay any attention to someone like Rong Xin.

    "Reporting to the Master, Mistress. The Palace Lord and the Young Master of the Courts of Hell have arrived to give their congratulations."

    Before the crowd could calm down, another announcement was made.

    When they heard this announcement, the crowd immediately burst into another frenzy,

    Gu Shengxiao's attendance was considered to be within expectations. After all, he was a member of the Dongfang family as well. However, to have the Palace Lord and the Young Master of the Courts of Hell personally make an appearance? With their prestigious titles, sending out a random disciple would have been more than enough.

    A flash of purple robes appeared from outside the door and the crowd watched as a handsome man slowly entered with a ten-year-old youth in hand. A group of chamberlains followed closely behind them.

    Lan Yuge hurriedly rose to her feet and was just about to go down and welcome them when the Palace Lord waved his hand and stopped her in her tracks.

    "Mistress Dongfang, there's no need for ceremony. This is your birthday celebration and I'm here to give you my wishes." The Palace Lord smiled and said, "Furthermore, I want to thank Lady Gu for saving my life."

    Even though it was actually the Ghost Doctor who had cleared the poison from him, the Ghost Doctor belonged under Gu Ruoyun as well. If it had not been for Gu Ruoyun, he could not possibly have hired the Ghost Doctor no matter how much he had been willing to pay.

    Unwittingly, his words caused a few ignorant parties to direct their attention to Gu Ruoyun. Their eyes flashed with deep astonishment and shock.

    "Palace Lord, you are too kind."

    Lan Yuge smiled and exclaimed.

    "This is just something that I ought to do. If it wasn't for Lady Gu, I would have been dead by now." The Palace Lord turned towards Gu Ruoyun and smiled, "Lady Gu has not only helped Elder Jiu in curing his ailing body, allowing him to break through to become a Martial Honor, she had even pulled me from the clutches of Death. So, naturally, I must pay my respects to you, Mistress Dongfang."


    It almost seems like a strong hurricane had just crashed through the room.

    Everyone present was gaping in shock.

    Elder Jiu's ailment was common knowledge to everyone in this room. It was an illness which every doctor on the mainland had declared to be incurable. Yet she had somehow managed to cure him and in the process helped him to break through to the rank of a Martial Honor?

    This woman, what kind of abnormality is she?

    Lan Yuge was in shock as well but she kept her cool and smiled, "You must have had a very long and tiring journey, Palace Lord. Servants, please hurry up and add more seats."


    The Palace Lord smiled and walked hand-in-hand with the Young Master to their seats which were specially provided by Lan Yuge. Whenever his eyes fell upon Gu Ruoyun, his gaze would become filled with gratitude.

    He will remember her kindness for the rest of his life.

    "I didn't think that the Palace Lord of the Amethyst Underworld Palace would personally make an appearance!" Rong Xin clenched her fist tighter and tighter. Her nails dug into her skin but she did not seem to feel it at all. Her eyes were filled with hatred and anger, "I can't accept this. I can't accept the fact that that sl*t, Wei Yiyi, has won! One day, I will have them completely defeated and fallen from grace. I'll ensure that they meet a tragic end!"

    Actually, Gu Ruoyun and Rong Xin had nothing personal against one another. However, Rong Xin hated Wei Yiyi so deeply that even Gu Ruoyun had ended up being dragged into her vendetta.

    "Hehe, I wonder if this Honorable One has arrived too late!"

    Suddenly, a maniacal laughter rang out from thin air. Before anyone could regain their senses, they saw a group of men in white descending from the skies and walking into the grand hall.

    Standing in front of the white-robed group was a middle-aged man. His expression was cold and haughty. The powerful aura emitting from his body immediately made everyone in the room feel suffocated.
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