Chapter 718: A Shocking Birthday! (4)

    Chapter 718: A Shocking Birthday! (4)

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    Hence, he had decided to give her one last chance. If Gu Ruoyun agrees to join the Immortal Realm, he would let bygones be bygones. Otherwise, this woman would not be spared!


    Lan Yuge's face was ashen. She clenched her fist so tightly that it trembled. If Master Dongfang had not attempted to calm her down, she would probably have ended up playing right into the Immortal Master's hands.

    "Maternal Grandmother," Gu Shengxiao shot Lan Yuge a meaningful look and shook his head. He then turned towards the Immortal Master again and spoke to him in a rather grim voice, "My younger sister will never join the Immortal Realm."

    That one reply sent the Immortal Master's thoughts flying right back.

    "Gu Shengxiao!"

    The Immortal Master's expression was an extremely ugly sight to behold and a cold light flashed in his haughty eyes, "I've mentioned this before, you only have the right to speak to me now but you don't have the right to criticize or issue orders to me! Even if your master was here, he would not be worthy either!"

    "Hehe! The Immortal Realm is certainly awe-inspiring. Not only do they threaten the younger generation, they place no importance upon the other two Great Authorities. Everyone else may fear the Immortal Realm but I, the Honorable Poison Master, have never been afraid of you."

    Suddenly, a cold and eerie laugh pieced through the night sky, falling into every ear of everyone present.

    Under the cold glow of the moon, a figure dressed in black robes appeared. The elder who was enveloped in darkness descended from the skies. His face was dark and eerie yet despite the smile on his face, it was difficult to change the rigidness of his expression.

    The Honorable Poison Master!

    What was this guy doing here?

    This time, even Master Dongfang and Lan Yuge were in shock.

    While the Honorable Poison Master's powers could not be compared with the powerful cultivators of the Three Great Authorities, he was still quite famous on the mainland especially for his perfect expertise in the art of poison, which was absolutely terrifying. However, this time, the Dongfang family had not invited him to the banquet so what is he doing here?

    Furthermore, he seems to be protecting the Dongfang family...

    "Your Excellency, the Honorable Poison Master," Lan Yuge rose to her feet and asked in a courteous manner, "May I ask what business you have with us today?"

    The Honorable Poison Master waved his hand and walked towards Gu Ruoyun before the eyes of the crowd.

    "Little girl, you've certainly made an old man like me search high and low during this time. It's been a few years, I wonder if you've built an organization yet?" The Honorable Poison Master smiled eerily, "I've mentioned this to you before that if you do manage to build your own organization, I will certainly join you."

    The Honorable Poison Master had mentioned this to Gu Ruoyun before.

    He has engraved it in his memories.

    Lan Yuge looked extremely shocked. She widened her beautiful eyes at the woman who was seated next to her, "Yun'er, what's the meaning of this?"

    Without having to mention the fact that the Honorable Poison Master was already a Martial Honor, simply based on his strange personality, he would normally refuse to accept any disciples, what more agree to join someone's organization. Yet he himself had made such a promise!

    Also, it had been to a woman who was much weaker than he was!

    Regardless of how many rumors were circulating concerning Gu Ruoyun's breakthrough to the rank of a Martial Honor, what one hears might be hearsay but seeing is believing. They had not believed in those rumors at all and still thought of Gu Ruoyun as a Martial Emperor from two years back.

    Besides, her breakthrough to Martial Emperor was not too long ago. How could she have broken through to Martial Honor in such a short period of time?

    Rong Xin's expression was growing uglier by the second. She fixated her malicious glare towards that elegant face as she clenched her fists tightly next to her body. She took a deep breath to suppress the raging fire within her soul.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly but made no remark. She turned her head towards the Immortal Master and spoke in a clear, cold voice, "My apologies. I had once rejected an offer from the Immortal Realm and now, more than ever, I won't agree to your terms! I, Gu Ruoyun, have never willingly served anyone! Most importantly... Even if the Immortal Realm can forget everything which I'd done to you, I can't forget the harm you had brought to the people around me during those years! From the very moment Xiao Ye had fallen into his coma, I have vowed that the Immortal Realm and I will remain mortal enemies for life!!!"
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