Chapter 719: A Shocking Birthday! (5)

    Chapter 719: A Shocking Birthday! (5)

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    Mortal enemies!!!

    The words echoed through the crowd and only dissipated after a long period of time.

    Some families who on good terms with the Dongfang family began to show anxiety as they constantly looked over at Lan Yuge, wishing that they could convince her to placate Gu Ruoyun.

    After all, the Immortal Realm was simply too terrifying. Even if Gu Ruoyun was a genius, there was still a chance that she could come to a premature end.

    Even if her brother was now a high-level Martial Honor and the Young Sect Master of the Spirit Sect, he was only the Young Sect Master. How could the Spirit Sect possibly want to become enemies with the Immortal Realm at a time like this! By then, the person who ends up being left behind would be her!

    This girl really has no concept of what's good for her!

    The crowd sighed at the thought as they shook their heads exasperatedly.

    Those who have longed for the Dongfang family's downfall, however, were clearly rejoicing in their misfortune, especially Rong Xin. She held onto the highest of hopes that Gu Ruoyun would seriously anger the Immortal Master. Once that happens, she could utilize the Immortal Realm's hand in helping her to get rid of this calamity.

    Just then...

    A wave of uniform footsteps sounded from outside the hall, immediately drawing the crowd's attention.

    "What's going on?"

    "What's that sound? Why does it feel like a large crowd has arrived?"


    Once they saw what was going on outside, everyone in the crowd was stunned.

    Countless people walked into the banquet hall all clothed in uniforms. Their bodies emitted strong auras and furthermore... the lowest ranked among them seems to be... Martial Kings?

    "That... Who are those people? How have I not met them before?"

    "Their robes look rather strange yet they don't seem to belong to any of the top ranking forces. Furthermore, I can't sense the ranks of the four leaders at the front. They are far too powerful. I could sense a suffocating feeling amongst them at first glance."

    "Martial Honors! There's no mistake about it, those four are Martial Honors! What other organization could possibly contain four Martial Honors aside from the Three Great Authorities?"

    Everyone gasped as they stared in shock at the group of people who had just entered the room.

    Lan Yuge blinked and looked dazedly at Dongfang Shaoze, "Ze'er, who are these people? Had you invited them?"

    Dongfang Shaoze was in shock as well. He swept his gaze across every face in the group before suddenly coming to a realization. A heavy shockwave spread throughout his gentle, jade-like features.

    "Aren't those Yun'er's followers? I've seen them at the Hundred Herb Hall before, I think that their names are Xunfeng and Moyu!"


    Lan Yuge shook and looked dazedly at Gu Ruoyun, "Yun'er, are these your people?"

    Gu Ruoyun smiled and turned her gaze towards the people beneath her.

    Xunfeng and Moyu were two of the first people that she had taken under her wing, they were also the Left and Right Protectors of the Devil Sect! As for the four Martial Honors before her, she had brought them over from the Banished Lands. She has now merged Black Rock City with the Devil Sect.

    As such, the four of them were now Elders of the Devil Sect.

    She had moved the entire Devil Sect from that mountain into Xiao Hei.

    It goes without saying that a month's worth of cultivation inside Xiao Hei was highly effective. Now, everyone had broken through to the rank of a Martial King! That also means that the lowest rank in the Devil Sect was a Martial King.

    "Little girl, is it true that all these people belong to you?"
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