Chapter 720: A Shocking Birthday! (6)

    Chapter 720: A Shocking Birthday! (6)

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    Master Dongfang's entire being was in shock. His beard was in disarray and the stupefaction on his face was extremely obvious. He nearly scooped Gu Ruoyun into his arms and kissed her.

    There are four Martial Honors here!

    Even people of my rank would need to show them respect whenever I meet them.

    However, these powerful people are actually serving my maternal granddaughter willingly?

    "That's right," Gu Ruoyun nodded and said, "They're all mine. Today, I've asked them here to show my power to the world."


    In the beginning, the crowd had still been making wild guesses. Now that they had received Gu Ruoyun's confirmation, their expressions all turned exceptionally marvelous.


    Master Dongfang burst into a clear and bright laugh that pierced through the night skies.

    He never thought that his very own maternal daughter would have been able to transform herself to such a degree. If that old man from the Gu family were here, he might even kill himself out of regret.

    After all, Gu Ruoyun was his kin as well yet she had been chased away by his insatiable greed. At that time, he probably would never have imagined that the young girl who had constantly received the Gu family's abuse and humiliation would end up with these achievements.

    Tears began to roll down the old man's eyes as he laughed.

    This was the first time he has ever cried in years!

    "Yu'er, do you see this? Both your son and daughter have turned out to be so outstanding yet you can't see this."

    Lan Yuge looked a little sad too as she gazed at the slightly familiar features on the face of the woman next to her. Most of it, however, came from a sense of longing.

    If Yu'er were here to see how outstanding her children have become, she would be so proud...

    "Devil Sect, did she just mention the Devil Sect?"

    "I know about this Devil Sect. They say that it's an organization which had suddenly emerged five years ago! At the time, they had utilized one short year to build their reputation. Many have tried to find the location of the Devil Sect's headquarters but all have failed. Still, how old was she five years ago? She should only be about fifteen years old or so and she has already managed achieved this much?"

    Hearing this, the crowd began to sigh continuously. A fifteen-year-old girl has actually managed to reach such a level.

    By comparison, they should all be considered good-for-nothings at that age!

    Gu Ruoyun calmly raised the corners of her lips but her dark eyes remained clear and cold.

    "I will join the battle against the demons as the Sect Master of the Devil Sect! However, I will never join the Immortal Realm!"

    The Immortal Master's expression sank once more and his thoughts were unreadable.

    Suddenly, a loud bang sounded and an immeasurably powerful force came rushing in from outside the hall, causing his heart to tremble violently. His handsome face filled with shock.

    The movement was so fast that no one else could see what it was.

    This time, even Gu Ruoyun was surprised. She knitted her brows and directed her gaze along the dimness of the night towards the courtyard outside the banquet hall.



    The sounds of countless spiritual animals could be heard from outside the door, especially the sounds of their movements on the ground. It felt like an earthquake and caused everyone in the hall to rise to their feet as panic and fear crept into their eyes.

    All sorts of spiritual beasts covered the skies, forming a dense mass and blocking out the cold glow of the moon.

    There were wolves, leopards, tigers... They ran wildly towards the hall from all directions, trampling the trees to the ground. The main gate was completely knocked down by a Gale Wolf then trampled into smithereens by whatever spiritual beasts which were following it.
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