Chapter 722: A Shocking Birthday! (8)

    Chapter 722: A Shocking Birthday! (8)

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    The man stood silently on the fire dragon's back. His peerless features carried a dark yet cloudy light. His face was devoid of any expression yet he looked so magnificent that no one could tear their eyes away. He noticed the astonishment in the woman's eyes below him and gently lowered his clear, cold eyes. His initially cold and bloodthirsty gaze then softened.

    "Xiao Ye, what are you doing?"

    Gu Ruoyun was in a daze.  What is this guy doing? Why has he brought so many spiritual beasts here?

    The man finally showed a reaction when he heard her question...

    He stepped forward and descended towards the courtyard.

    One step, two steps...

    With every step he took, Gu Ruoyun felt as if the peerlessly beautiful man was only half the distance away from her! Upon his third step, the man who had been in midair was now right in front of her.

    "Yun'er, I'd like to ask for your hand in marriage."

    The man smiled and everything under the heavens seemed to lose their color. That smile was unimaginably beautiful.

    "These are my betrothal gift to you. Do you like it?"


    Gu Ruoyun was in a daze.

    Betrothal gift?

    Is he using all the spiritual beasts from the entire mainland as a betrothal gift?

    He was probably the only one in this entire world who has the capability of achieving such a monumental task.

    As such, once the man had spoken, the crowd went into a sensation once again.

    This sensation surpassed any other sensation of the night!

    As they looked at the spiritual beasts before them, they could see that there were more than just a handful of them. In fact, there must be tens of thousands of spiritual beasts here! These were probably all the spiritual beasts which lived on this mainland yet he had been able to order them to come here?

    Just what kind of evil thing is this silver-haired man with the red robes?

    And most importantly, with so many powerful spiritual beasts in his hands, he had given them all away without even blinking?

    There were many unmarried women on the scene as well. When they saw the large gesture displayed by Qianbei Ye, their hearts filled with jealousy! Of course, jealousy breeds jealousy. They also know that in the entire West Spirit Mainland, only a genius like Gu Ruoyun could possibly receive the favor in this man's eyes.

    Everyone else was not even worth a single bit of his attention.

    Master Dongfang was totally in shock now. After the wave of shock, he was overcome with emotion. His eyes shone as he stared at the powerful spiritual beasts before him. However, he soon remembered his dignified position in the Dongfang family. Master Dongfang cleared his throat and forced himself to look away from the great number of spiritual beasts before him.

    Even so, he could not help but want to steal a peek at them for just one more time...

    Gu Shengxiao frowned lightly as he glanced at the man standing before his little sister. His expression was as grim as ever. Aside from Gu Ruoyun, no one could ever make him change his expression in any way.

    Especially since this man was trying to snatch his sister away from him!

    Rong Xin's expression was exceptionably ugly at this point as her eyes filled with envy and jealousy. However, any woman would draw comparisons between such an outstanding man and her own husband! Obviously, her own husband could not be compared with Qianbei Ye.

    More accurately speaking, he far from this level.

    Hence, she was jealous of Gu Ruoyun who had a man like this by her side.

    Qianbei Ye turned around towards the spiritual beasts clustered behind him and the smile on his face disappeared. He spoke in a gloomy voice, "From now onwards, she is your Master!"


    Instantly, the dense mass before him knelt in a uniform manner.

    All the spiritual beasts displayed great reverence on their faces and replied altogether, "Your wish is our command, great Sovereign King. From now on, we will follow you, Master, and serve you for all eternity!"
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