Chapter 725: Shifting The Blame (1)

    Chapter 725: Shifting The Blame (1)

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    A figure stood in the courtyard under a willow tree. A flash of green robes gently fluttered under the breeze.

    The young man was tall and slim with a lean build. He sensed footsteps behind him and turned around. His limpid eyes lit up with a smile, "Big Sister, I'm here to see you."

    When Gu Ruoyun heard the young man's voice, she slowed her pace and gazed upon the youth's delicate features. An indescribable emotion was bubbling up within her.

    "Yu'er, you're back."

    Suddenly, she smiled. It was a smile unlike her usual cold and elegant demeanor. Under the sunlight, this smile seemed to hold a warm light.

    She did not ask where the youth had been.

    All she cares about was that he was back and that was enough.

    "Sister," Xia Linyu smiled delicately and his black eyes were like pools of clear water, "I've heard much news about you over the past few days. I never imagined that my sister would turn out so magnificently. I've been working hard in my cultivation to catch up to your level so I can protect you but no matter how hard I try, I still can't catch up to you."


    The youth raised his delicate features and his eyes were filled with smiles, "Big Sister, you are my heroine and my pride."

    "Yu'er," Gu Ruoyun smiled as she ruffled the youth's hair. Her lucid features were filled with joy, "In our past life, I had caused your death through my ignorance. In this life, I'll never let any danger come to you."


    Xia Linyu gently pursed his lips, his eyes were fixated on the face before him, "In the past, it was I who had dragged you down. It won't ever happened again. If it had not been for me, you would never have ended up like this either."

    Back then, I had been a good-for-nothing who was unable to cultivate. If I had the ability to protect myself at that time, perhaps my sister would not have ended up dying as well.

    His heart throbbed fiercely at the thought, it was an agonizing feeling.

    "Yu'er, have you returned to the Xia family home yet?"

    Gu Ruoyun seems to remember something and asked.

    She clearly meant the Xia family in Heaven City and not the one at the East Peak Mainland.

    "I had returned to the Xia family home a few days ago and found out that you had gone back to the Dongfang family home so I immediately rushed here to see you. Along the way, I heard many stories about your glorious achievements. I feel very proud." Xia Linyu smiled, "Sister, when are we going back to East Peak Mainland? I can't wait to find that bastard Xia Ming and have our revenge!"

    "Xia Ming?"

    Gu Ruoyun gently stroked her chin and laughed silently, "Soon. We'll be going back very soon. Once everything settles down over here, we'll set out to the East Peak Mainland. By then, we'll avenge ourselves for everything which has happened in our past lives. I don't know if Xia Ming and Lu Chen will be able to recognize me."

    I still have a few unfinished businesses here.

    Once I've settled it all, I can leave and head towards the East Peak Mainland!


    "Order Master, you've returned?"

    At the Medicine Order.

    Rong Xin had only just stepped in through the door when she was greeted by many figures. They knelt in front of her and spoke with reverence, "Your subordinates welcome your return, Order Master."


    Hearing this, Rong Xin nodded. Her eyes shot a look and she smiled icily, "Wu Xin, gather all the elders. I have instructions."

    "Yes, Order Master."

    The woman named Wu Xin who was dressed in white left in a respectful manner.

    Rong Xin fell silent for a moment before heading towards the direction of the elder's meeting room without another thought.

    "Gu Ruoyun, I don't care what powers you possess. As long as you're helping that sl*t, Wei Yiyi, I'll find ways to kill you!"

    Rong Xin sneered as she thought of her pact with the Immortal Realm.
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