Chapter 726: Shifting The Blame (2)

    Chapter 726: Shifting The Blame (2)

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    Just as she was rushing towards the meeting room, a handsome figure appeared in front of her. She frowned when she saw him and stopped, "What are you doing here?"

    "I heard that you've returned so I came here to see you. By the way, did you manage to meet that sl*t, Wei Yiyi?"

    The handsome man was smiling but when Wei Yiyi's name crossed his lips, his eyes filled with endless loathing.

    Years ago, if it had not been for the fact that Wei Yiyi was the old Medicine Order Master's favorite disciple, I would never have schemed to make her fall for me. Who would have thought that this Wei Yiyi would turn out to be such a jealous woman and forbade me from interacting with other women!

    So, I can't be blamed for betraying her.

    "No," Rong Xin shook her head, "I'm going to convene with the elders to go up against Wei Yiyi."

    "I never imagined that Wei Yiyi would have such a high survival ability to stay alive even after so many years. Not only is she still alive, she has even managed to get rid of the poison in her system and her powers have returned." The man sneered and spat hatefully, "However, that Wei Yiyi sure is capable to gain the Dongfang family's favor. But so what? The Dongfang family may be growing more powerful in strength but they can't possibly shield one subordinate. Just have the Dongfang family hand her over, why waste your time?"

    Rong Xin's lips curled into a disdainful smile and her beautiful eyes filled with mockery.

    "Lin Jun, I didn't think that you'll be so stupid even after all these years! If I had been able to persuade the Dongfang family to hand her over, would I still be waiting now? However, I have another idea of how we can get rid of her..."

    She then ignored the embarrassed-looking man and headed towards the elder's meeting room.

    Lin Jun stood behind Rong Xin and clenched his fist as a cold light flashed maliciously from the corners of his eyes.

    Rong Xin, do you think that you can humiliate me just because you're the Master of the Medicine Order? Don't forget that we are both ants on the same rope. If you continue to do this, don't blame me for exposing everything that you've done!


    In the Elder's meeting room, everyone was whispering to each other and were deep in fervent discussion.

    Suddenly, the door was pushed open and the chattering elders grew silent when they saw the couple entering the room.

    Rong Xin's eyes looked calm and distant. Her white robes made her resemble a fairy who floated in the mist. The crowd watched as she walked in and her proud eyes scanned the entire room. She then stepped towards the seat at the front of the room, straightened her robes and sat down.

    The handsome man who had walked in with her sat down right next to her.

    "I'm sure that every elder here is aware of what I'm about to say." Rong Xin's expression was cold and distant with a hint of malice, "You're all aware of the event which had happened ten years ago. Over ten years ago, the old Order Master's favorite disciple, Wei Yiyi, had murdered him for the sake of the Treasury and escaped from punishment. However, not too long ago, I met her!"


    Instantly, the elders dove into a sensation.

    Wei Yiyi had escaped into the world outside and has been evading her punishment for so many years. Despite their best efforts, the Medicine Order had been unable to locate her whereabouts! They never expected her to show herself at this point in time.

    Of course, as Rong Xin spoke, a few elders from the older generation furrowed their brows with dissatisfaction.

    "Order Master, during the old Order Master's death, there was no proof to say that Wei Yiyi was actually behind the murder. The Order Master had always loved her so dearly, why would she have done such a thing?"

    "Elder Tianli is right, Wei Yiyi had no reason to murder the old Order Master. She was already going to inherit the Treasury of Medicine so why would she want to kill him?"
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