Chapter 727: Shifting The Blame (3)

    Chapter 727: Shifting The Blame (3)

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    The ones who had spoken up were elders who had followed the old Order Master many years before and were also the people whom the old Order Master had trusted the most. As such, they refused to believe that Wei Yiyi would kill the old Order Master. She simply did not have a reason to have done so.

    Rong Xin smiled coldly and a chilly glint flashed in the corner of her eyes, "Lin Jun had witnessed all of this himself. At that time, Lin Jun was Wei Yiyi's fiancé. He has no reason to frame Wei Yiyi. Since he had seen it happen with his own eyes, it's definitely verified."

    "That's right."

    Hearing this, the handsome man next to Rong Xin nodded. A vicious light flashed in his eyes, "I had witnessed it with my own eyes, Wei Yiyi had taken advantage of the old Order Master's trust in her and poisoned him. At that time, I myself found it hard to believe that Wei Yiyi would do such a thing. The reality of it all was that looks are deceiving, she was actually a vicious and merciless woman! Not even death can wipe out the crimes of a woman like her. She had murdered the old Order Master who once loved her so much. Can she even be considered human?"

    Wei Yiyi, don't blame me for being cruel. I'm a man and men have needs! I was unable to resist the seduction of another female disciple and had relations with her. However, you had wanted to report the incident to the old Order Master and threatened to cancel our engagement.

    The old Order Master loved you so much that if he had found out about it, he would have chased me out of the Medicine Order!

    So, during that year, I did everything I could to attract Rong Xin's attention and managed to form an alliance with the wildly ambitious woman. Not only did we manage to poison the old Order Master, we also framed you for it! It's your fault for being so naive about men and wanting to be the only woman for me for the rest of my life! That's simply an idiot's dream! What man wouldn't want to have three wives and four concubines?

    So what if you're the Master of the Medicine Order's favorite disciple? You're a woman and at the end of the day, as a woman, you should turn a blind eye to a man's relationships with other women!

    The malice in Lin Jun's eyes deepened as he recalled the past events.

    He never considered himself to be in the wrong, to him. To him, Wei Yiyi was the only one at fault!


    At the seat of the elders, an elder dressed in white slammed the table and stood up as he glared angrily at Lin Jun, "Lin Jun, don't think that we're all ignorant of what you've been doing over the past few years! How many impure acts have you committed with the many female disciples of the Medicine Order? When some female disciples had been unwilling, you forced them and had your way with them! We chose not to hold it against you for the Order Master's sake but you've not been satisfied with small gains! Honestly, all these years, I've never believed a word you've said! Now, I'm going to find Wei Yiyi. I want to hear her personal explanation before I decide what to believe in!"

    Rustle, rustle, rustle!

    As the elder walked out the door, a few elders from the older generation also rose from their seats. They joined their fists and bowed at Rong Xin before making their way out.

    The Order Master and Wei Yiyi had shared a sisterhood in the Medicine Order yet, in the end, she had become skeptical of her senior sister who had been as close to her as her own true born sister since childhood, all because of a man! This was simply too disappointing. They had remained in the Medicine Order all these years because they had wanted to find justice for the death of their previous Order Master.

    At this rate, Wei Yiyi was their only hope!

    She would definitely know the true story behind the old Order Master's death. Only then could they expose Lin Jun's true agenda to the eyes of the Order Master!

    "Men, stop them!"

    Lin Jun's expression darkened as he issued the order icily.

    Instantly, the rest of the elders rose to their feet and ran after the old men who had been heading towards the door of the elders' meeting room. They reached the doorway instantly and blocked their way out.
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