Chapter 728: Shifting The Blame (4)

    Chapter 728: Shifting The Blame (4)

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    "Something terrible has happened! Order Master, something terrible has happened!"

    Suddenly, an anxious voice sounded from further up front. Before anyone could regain their senses, a figure ran in and spoke as they huffed and puffed for breath, "Order Master, elders, please save my Master!"

    It was a young girl with pure and delicate features. She looks to be around fifteen to sixteen years of age. However, her entire head was drenched with sweat, her face was pale and large beads of sweat were rolling down from her forehead. Her eyes were filled with terror and an undeniable anxiety.

    The elders' hearts sank.

    They knew the young girl before them!

    This young girl was Nan Xiao's disciple. Based on her report, this means that something has happened to Nan Xiao!

    However, Nan Xiao was the old Order Master's only daughter! Who would have had the gall to harm the old Order Master's only daughter?!

    "What happened?"

    A light flashed in Rong Xin's eyes as she asked.

    "Elders, my Master has been kidnapped. Please save her."

    The young girl was weeping bitterly, it was hard not to feel pity for her and everyone present felt a tug at their heartstrings. After hearing her words, they also began to feel extremely worried.

    "Who would have the audacity to even dare touch Junior Sister Nan Xiao?!" Rong Xin hid the emotions on her face and rose to her feet fiercely. She spoke with a cold look in her eyes, "Tell me, who was the culprit? Who would completely ignore the Medicine Order this way!"

    At this moment, the young girl lowered her head and as such, no one noticed the brief flash of guilt and remorse in her eyes.

    "It was Wei Yiyi. I had previously crossed paths with her when I had followed the Order Master to the Amethyst Underworld Palace. She has taken my Master away and wants to force the Order Master to give her the Medicine Order. Otherwise, she's going to kill my Master."

    A wave of complicated emotions flashed in the young girl's eyes. When she raised her gaze, her eyes were once again filled with tears and anxiety.

    "Elders, Lord Order Master, you must save my Master."

    Master, I'm so sorry. Please forgive me this one time because I have no other choice.

    If you were ever in danger, Master, I would definitely offer up my life but the lord Order Master has kidnapped my parents so I have no choice but to listen to her. Even though my parents had abandoned me when I was a child and it was you, Master, who had raised me, they were the ones who had given birth to me.

    In my heart, my parents are the most important of all. Even my Master who had raised me can't be compared to them.

    The young girl bit her lip as tears blurred her vision. When she looked at Rong Xin, a clear sense of terror was displayed on her face but it slowly dissipated.

    For her parents' sake, she had to violate her conscience just this once!

    "This Wei Yiyi is simply an ingrate!" Lin Jun's face turned ashen in anger, "The old Order Master had treated her like his own daughter and not only had she murdered him, for the sake of obtaining the seat of the Master of the Medicine Order, she would not even spare the old Order Master's daughter! Junior Sister Nan Xiao had always treated her well in the past and this is how she repays her? She's worst than an animal!"

    "Why would Wei Yiyi possibly want to harm Nan Xiao?"

    The elders from the older generation still refused to believe it. Knowing Wei Yiyi, she would never do such a thing.

    "You don't believe it?" Lin Jun sneered, "Do you not understand the logic behind the phrase 'one may know a person for a long time without understanding their true nature'? Elder Tianli, I know that Wei Yiyi had been in the Medicine Order since a very young age and you had raised her to adulthood, this matter has been reported by Junior Sister Nan Xiao's own disciple. This has nothing to do with me. This little disciple was once saved by Junior Sister herself, why would she tell a lie?"
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