Chapter 733: The War Of Gods And Demons (4)

    Chapter 733: The War Of Gods And Demons (4)

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    I won't attack her unless I'm absolutely sure of my success! Otherwise, forget about revenge, I will end up dead as well!

    "Gu Ruoyun, I've never met anyone as cruel as you in my entire life! Just you wait, soon I'll send you to hell to keep my disciple company and say your apologies to him!" The Honorable Sir Lingshang turned back from within the crowd and took another look at Gu Ruoyun before disappearing under the rays of the setting sun.

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi sensed Gu Ruoyun's gaze and trailed her line of sight towards the Honorable Sir Lingshang's disappearing figure, "Don't bother yourself with that old fart. Wait for me to find some information to use against him, I'll definitely have him kicked out of the Spirit Sect! Furthermore, I'm now the number one elder in the Spirit Sect so he can't control me. By the way, little girl, did you know that the old fart's disciple is dead? Hahaha, this is such joyous news. That kid has always tried to harm Shengxiao. He should have been killed long ago."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi felt a great urge to laugh out loud at the thought of this.

    Gu Ruoyun rubbed her nose. She dearly wished to tell this old man that it was Qianbei Ye who was responsible for Kun Nan's death.

    "Oh, right. When will the battle begin?"

    "Very soon," The Honorable Sir Tianqi smiled, "If my calculation on the timing is accurate, it should take place within the next few days. The demons will make their way here within a few days and our responsibility is to stop them from entering the mainland! Otherwise, knowing the demons' mercilessness, the entire mainland will suffer a calamity. By the way, where is that silver-haired man who's always following you around? Why is he not with you this time?"

    As he spoke, the Honorable Sir Tianqi glanced towards the space behind Gu Ruoyun but did not see that red-robed and silver-haired figure.

    Gu Ruoyun smiled serenely and replied, "Xiao Ye has more pressing matters to attend to. Besides, he does not need to make an appearance in this battle."

    Once this battle ends, she would need to make her way to the East Peak Mainland. Qianbei Ye has gone to the East Peak Mainland first for her sake. This was to ensure that once she enters the East Peak Mainland, there would be a powerful force there to protect her.

    As such, he has left to build an organization before her arrival...

    If Gu Ruoyun was to say that she did not feel touched by this gesture, that would be a lie. This man has already done everything in his power for her yet he has never once complained.

    "Little girl, let's go. Shengxiao has been waiting for you for a very long time."

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi recollected his thoughts and spoke to Gu Ruoyun.

    Gu Ruoyun nodded, "Let's go meet my brother now."

    She said nothing more and followed the Honorable Sir Tianqi towards a tent.

    Gu Shengxiao, who was in the middle of a discussion with the Spirit Sect's Master in the tent, noticed Gu Ruoyun walking in with the Honorable Sir Tianqi from the corner of his eye. His grim features lit up with joy and he quickly rose to his feet, reaching her side in just a few steps. His originally cold and grim features softened. His eyes, which were as dark as the night, looked as if they could drown a person.

    "Yun'er, you're here?"

    At this moment, his eyes only saw this woman in green before him and completely ignored the Honorable Sir Tianqi who was walking right in front of him.


    The Sect Master cleared his throat and a small smile appeared on his cold and stern face, "Lady Gu, why have you come here on your own? Where are your subordinates?"

    Prior to this, the Sect Master had received news of the events which had happened during Lan Yuge's birthday celebration.

    This young woman had built such a large organization all on her own! Even the spiritual beasts of the entire mainland have surrendered to her!
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