Chapter 734: The War Of Gods And Demons (5)

    Chapter 734: The War Of Gods And Demons (5)

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    Just the large number of spiritual beasts alone would be enough to crush the humans to death! Even the Master of the Spirit Sect, a member of the Three Great Authorities, has no choice but to pay heed to the power in her hand!

    Furthermore, this woman was truly extraordinary!

    Luckily, he does not have any disagreements with this extraordinary person. Otherwise, his loss would not be limited to his highly-favored Gu Shengxiao. Even he would be trampled and flattened to the ground by the countless spiritual beasts!

    At this point in time, no matter how powerful he has become, he was only a general without an army! How could he stand on the same level as the Immortal Realm and the Courts of Hell?

    Hearing the Sect Master's words, Gu Ruoyun smiled calmly. Her clear and cold eyes remained serene and steady, "I've merely arrived early, the Dongfang family will be here very soon."

    She did not elaborate further on the other forces under her command.

    After all, she does not have a good impression of the Spirit Sect's Master. If it had not been for the sake of Gu Shengxiao and the Honorable Sir Tianqi, she would not have bothered to even speak with him.

    The Sect Master was about to say something else but he could tell that Gu Ruoyun has no interest in chatting with him so he swallowed his words, anxious at the uncomfortable feeling.

    "Yun'er, you must be tired. I've prepared a tent for you so go and get some rest. It's best to conserve your energy right now because the demons won't be so easily defeated. Don't you worry, I'll protect you."

    The man's cold features displayed a sense of resolution as he spoke.  Mother and Father have passed on, my sister is the only hope I have left in this world.


    At the foot of the mountain.

    A group of people were making their way up the mountain.

    The leader of the group was a delicately handsome youth whose green robes fluttered in the wind. His eyes were clear and limpid, shining like pools of perfect and pure water.

    "Sir Xia, how much longer will our journey be?"

    Linlang wiped the sweat from her brow and turned towards the handsome youth in front of her. After a bit of hesitation, she had opened her mouth to ask the question.

    Previously, Gu Ruoyun had decided to head towards the battlefield on her own first after receiving the sudden news. She had then asked Xia Linyu to lead the members of the Dongfang family towards the battlefield! The fight against the demons was also a rare opportunity for them to level up.

    Hence, any young Martial King disciples have the opportunity to make their way towards the Battlefield of Gods and Demons!

    Whenever Gu Ruoyun's name was mentioned, Linlang's heart would fill with gratitude.

    She could still remember the woman's words to her during the Divine Trials.

    Gu Ruoyun had said that one day, she would make the Gu family personally return her parents back to the Dongfang family!

    The Gu family has actually done that! Of course, if it had not been for Gu Ruoyun's words, she might never have been reunited with her parents in this lifetime!

    "Watch out!"

    Suddenly, Xia Linyu's delicate features sank and his clear eyes flashed with vigilance. He knit his attractive brows tightly and his voice, as clear as spring water, rang throughout the silent mountain range.

    "Who's there?"


    The sound of loud laughter appeared from thin air.

    The Dongfang family disciples' faces grew nervous. They anxiously clutched their swords and stared fully alert at the place where that voice had come from.

    Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

    Suddenly, countless figures appeared. They charged down from thin air and shot towards them like piercing rays of light. These figures crashed down before their very eyes, completely surrounding the members of the Dongfang family.
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