Chapter 735: Gu Ruoyuns Wrath (1)

    Chapter 735: Gu Ruoyun's Wrath (1)

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    "It's the Lin family, the Chai family, the Green Mountain Faction, and... the members of the Medicine Order!"

    Linglang's expression changed greatly, "How can this be? How is it possible for these people to have leveled up so much in such a short time? They're mostly at the rank of high-level Martial Emperors! One of them is even a Martial Honor! As I recall, they were never as strong as this."

    What on earth had happened for them to become so powerful?

    "Members of the Dongfang family, you have no right to enter this place!"

    A figure appeared from within the group. He was an elder dressed in grey robes with a sneer on his face and he looked insufferably arrogant, "No one is allowed to enter without the Immortal Realm's permission! You could join the Immortal Realm like us but this is obviously not possible! Furthermore... It's the Dongfang family's fault for producing someone like Gu Ruoyun. We serve the Immortal Realm's commands and that is to kill everyone in the Dongfang family! You have only yourself to blame for not adapting to the circumstances."

    The grey-robed elder paused before continuing, "I'm sure you must all be wondering how we've become so powerful? Haha, our opportunity was bestowed upon us by the Dongfang family! During Lan Yuge's birthday celebration, we, the guests, had been kicked out by you, the Dongfang family who were the hosts. After that, we formed an alliance and joined the Immortal Realm together! It was because of the Immortal Realm that we have managed to become so powerful! Today marks the day of destruction for the Dongfang family!"

    As he spoke, everyone took a few steps forward towards them, allowing their strong aura to erupt. The grey-robed elder, who was their leader, let out the full force of his powers as a Martial Honor, instantly raising a hurricane from around him.

    Xia Linyu did not hesitate as he retaliated immediately!

    He unsheathed the green sword that hung from his waist. The light within the green sword flashed, bursting forth with such brilliance that everyone could not help but raise their hands to shield their eyes.

    Just as they were attempting to shade their eyes from the sword's brilliance, Xia Linyu was already in front of them.


    The sharp end of the sword pierced towards the grey-robed elder. In that instant, the grey-robed elder moved swiftly and quickly drew his weapon to block the attack.


    Their weapons clashed with a sharp noise. Xia Linyu immediately felt a numbness on the web between his thumb and forefinger. He nearly spat out a mouthful of blood but he forcibly swallowed it all when it reached his lips.

    He stumbled back and his delicate features looked very serious.

    "A spiritual weapon?"

    The grey-robed elder was mildly shocked. He waved his numb hand and suddenly laughed, "How interesting, this little fellow has a spiritual weapon in his possession. However, this spiritual weapon would only be tainted by your hands. Why not give it to us? Hahaha."


    Suddenly, Xia Linyu swung his longsword and a wave of light from the sword immediately pierced through the ground. Instantly, a dust storm formed and covered everyone's vision.

    "Go, hurry up and leave!"

    Linlang and the rest were astonished, "Sir Xia, what about you..."

    "I'll hold them off. The rest of you, go!"

    Big Sister had entrusted these people to me before she left so no matter what, I must protect their lives.

    "I may be able to deal with them on my own. You'll only drag me down if you stay so hurry, go and find my sister!"

    Linlang bit her lips and hardened her heart before turning around and running as fast as she could.

    Upon seeing this, the rest hurriedly ran off as well. They turned back to glance at Xia Linyu before they left.

    Even though they had been unwilling to leave, they knew very well that based on their powers as Martial Kings, they would only be a burden if they had remained. They would end up dragging Sir Xia if he has to protect them! The only thing they could do now was to find Lady Gu!
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