Chapter 736: Gu Ruoyuns Wrath (2)

    Chapter 736: Gu Ruoyun's Wrath (2)

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    "Hmph, you're overestimating yourself!"

    The elder in grey sneered before he disregarded the dust-filled air and charged forward. However, just as he took two steps forward, a green figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Amidst the smoke and dust, it was difficult to make out the youth's features. Nevertheless, his voice was soft and pure yet filled with courage all the same.

    "Do you not have something against the Dongfang family? What's the use in going up against a few powerless disciples? I, Xia Linyu, am Gu Ruoyun's little brother and her most important relative! Why don't you forget about chasing after them and use all of your powers to defeat me? How about that?"

    As the smoke and dust slowly cleared, the youth's features became clearer but he did not look raggedy at all. His delicate features were very clean while his eyes were clear, limpid and moving.

    The elder in grey burst into laughter, "Kid, you're giving yourself up out of stupidity! That's right, those people were clearly the Dongfang family disciples! Killing them, however, doesn't seem to change anything! The powers of the Dongfang family are at this stage because of that sl*t Gu Ruoyun! As her little brother, you're certainly more useful than the rest. I'm going to kill you first so that she would suffer an extreme amount of grief. Only after that would I go after the remaining Dongfang family disciples. Hahaha!"

    The elder laughed and charged towards Xia Linyu. At the same time, everyone else also reacted and moved to attack the delicate-looking youth.

    The sun was setting in the west.

    The stench of blood filled the entire mountain range.

    Xia Linyu had lost track of time. His entire body felt drained of energy and he was close to collapsing from exhaustion. This time, the attackers were not only powerful, they had come in a large number as well. While he has had a substantial upgrade in his ability, it was still extremely difficult to hold his own against all of them even with the help of his spiritual weapon and pills.

    At this point in time, the youth's green robes had been dyed red with blood. The space between his brows had lost its initial clarity. His face was extremely pale and his body was riddled with wounds which dripped with blood continuously.


    This won't do!

    I must not fall! I have to kill them all so I can't give up just yet!

    Xia Linyu forced himself to crawl to his feet. However, just as he tried to stand up, his knees gave way and he nearly fell to the ground once again.

    "Damned brat, I didn't think that you'd end up being so powerful despite your young age. You've managed to survive our combined attacks and you've even killed so many of us!" The grey-robed elder's expression was extremely horrifying. He sneered as he continued, "But to what end? You've sustained so many heavy injuries. I reckon that you won't be able to live past the day so let me send you off now! Brat, your powers really aren't bad and you had the help of a spiritual weapon. Unfortunately, I'm a Martial Honor. Your powers are still pretty far off when compared to mine."

    Nevertheless, this brat has not only retaliated so stubbornly, he's even managed to kill so many of us! Now, he has pretty much killed everyone else except for me! This is too humiliating!

    I won't let him die so easily! I won't go easy on this damned brat.

    "Cough, cough."

    Xia Linyu coughed and spat out a mouthful of blood. He then took out a pill and swallowed it.

    In the beginning, the effects from his pill usage were obvious as his injuries were healed almost instantaneously! Otherwise, he would not have been able to withstand so many attacks for such a long time. However, pill benefits have their limit and one can only take ten Curing Pills in a day. With ten of these, one could heal very quickly.
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