Chapter 737: Gu Ruoyuns Wrath (3)

    Chapter 737: Gu Ruoyun's Wrath (3)

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    After ten pills, the effects of the pill would become slower.

    Xia Linyu had lost track of the number of pills he had consumed.

    "You're still trying to fight back?" The elder in grey laughed mockingly as he saw the young man grabbing his sword. Xia Linyu the charged towards him once again. The elder raised his hand and gripped Xia Linyu's arm with ease as he spoke with disdain, "Kid, I advise you to give up! You are no match for me! However, don't you worry, I won't let you die so soon! Did you not mention that Gu Ruoyun is your older sister? This means that you must be very important to her. That woman had previously destroyed our organization, how could I ever let her off so easily?"

    "So, I'm going to use you to threaten her. She must love you so much that she would disregard everything for your sake! When that time comes, I'll make her tear off her clothes and suffer unbearable humiliation so that she would no longer be able to continue living. Haha!"

    Xia Linyu's eyes darkened as rage flashed in his eyes, "Say that one more time!"

    "I said, I want Gu Ruoyun to die of the humiliation in front of the world! As long as you're in my hands, I need not fear her retaliation. Besides, the lord Immortal Master already harbors a deep hatred towards her, how could he possibly let her off so easily? Hahaha! By then, she will surely suffer a horrifying death!"

    As he spoke, the elder in grey gritted his teeth hatefully.

    It was all Gu Ruoyun's fault.

    The Dongfang family, who had been previously bullied by us, had managed to rise up because of this woman! If it had not been for her, the hierarchy of power on this mainland would not have turned out this way! Also, I would never forget how this woman had coldly chased all of us out during Lan Yuge's birthday celebration!

    "If you dare to lay a hand on my sister, I will never forgive you!"

    Xia Linyu's entire body trembled and his delicate features were now filled with rage. He looked as if he could swallow a person whole as he glared at the grey-robed elder.

    "Never forgive me? Tsk, tsk. You're now a fallen general in my hands. How do you plan to get your revenge? Kill me if you can but do you have the ability? Try to pull your arm out of my grasp, can you even do that?"

    The grey-robed elder burst into laughter as he drove the grip of his fingers deeper into Xia Linyu's arm. His fingernails left obvious indents on the youth's arm.

    Fresh blood began to trickle down and soon, his entire arm was drenched with blood.

    However, the grey-robed elder's smile suddenly froze in place...

    Before he could react, the youth had pulled a sword out from the air and chopped off the arm in the elder's grip! Blood began spewing out, drenching the elder's hand in a red stream...

    The elder was stunned. He stared in astonishment at the young man's pale yet delicate features as his heart filled with horror.

    He was thoroughly terrified by the youth's mercilessness!

    In order to escape his shackles, he was willing to sacrifice his arm?


    "I hate it most of all when others use me to threaten my sister! If you want that arm, I'll give it to you. I'll never fall into your hands and be used by you to threaten her."

    The young man spoke slowly. His voice no longer held his previous youthful tenderness, it was now filled with terrifying ferocity.

    The elder was still holding on to the amputated arm. At this moment, he was still rather dumbfounded and has yet to return to his senses. Therefore, he failed to notice the green light glowing from the sword in the grip of the amputated arm.

    Suddenly, the sword flew up in the air and pierced into the elder's chest, driving its blade straight through his back.
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