Chapter 742: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (3)

    Chapter 742: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (3)

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    The Immortal Master was right.

    On this mainland, the higher the rank, the stronger their coercion.

    If someone was a high-level Martial Honor, not even a hundred low-level Martial Honors could defeat that person.

    Unless they had a spiritual weapon.

    However, as the Master of the Immortal Realm, the Immortal Master has had many years of inside information from the Immortal Realm. Therefore, how could he not have at least one or two spiritual weapons in his possession?

    Hence, Gu Ruoyun was simply no match for him.


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi could no longer ignore this and immediately rushed towards them. His elderly body turned into a hurricane as he aimed his attack towards the Immortal Master.

    The Immortal Master glared coldly at him and produced a strong ray of light with a wave of his hand. It slammed fiercely into the Honorable Sir Tianqi's chest, causing him to stumble back.

    "Even the members of the Spirit Sect wants to poke their noses in the businesses of others?"

    The Immortal Master sneered stared at the Honorable Sir Tianqi's pale, elderly features, "Don't forget, the Three Great Authorities are considered as one body. Regardless of our internal squabbles, when faced with other enemies, we must all be on the same page! Yet, you had wanted to help an outsider to defeat the Immortal Master?"

    The Honorable Sir Tianqi spoke with disdain, "As the Immortal Master and a high-level Martial Honor, isn't it a little inexcusable for you to cause trouble for a person from the younger generation? Furthermore, it was the Immortal Realm who had acted unreasonably first!"


    The Immortal Master laughed as if he had just heard a funny joke. His laughter was filled with arrogance and madness. His lips had curled into a sarcastic angle.

    "Acted unreasonably first? Hehe, the Immortal Realm has never committed such rude acts. Also, if I wish to kill anyone, they definitely deserve to die! Gu Ruoyun has killed countless people, many have died unjustly in her hands. I, as the Master of the Immortal Realm, must act in place of the Heaves and get rid of this disaster. What sin is there in this? I'm only killing the Dongfang family as a way to deal with this woman! So, I simply don't believe that I'm wrong in any way."

    The Immortal Master sneered as he swept his gaze towards Gu Ruoyun's expressionless face. He stared commandingly down at her, looking at her as if she was some sort of insignificant ant and he was a god who controlled that ant's life!

    That's right!

    In the Immortal Master's heart, he was the god of the West Spirit Mainland! Everyone else must only listen to his commands alone and if anyone tries to oppose him, they would become the enemy of the mainland as well.


    The Honorable Sir Tianqi trembled with rage. He was about to say something again when the woman's clear and calm voice slowly drifted into his ears.

    "Honorable Sir Tianqi, this matter has nothing to do with you. The Spirit Sect does not need to step in."

    The woman gently raised her delicate features amidst the night winds and her dark hair danced in the breeze, "Immortal Realm, I can tolerate whatever you've done in the past to the end of days. However, the only thing that I can't tolerate is the harm your organization had caused towards the people I've sworn to protect! Hence..."

    She paused and her features did not display any trace of emotion from the very beginning, "The Immortal Realm shall be exterminated from the face of this earth!"

    "Haha, then I'd really like to see if you can do that."

    The Immortal Master burst into laughter. It was a laughter filled with an icy chill, causing everyone there to back away with unconscious understanding. They left a large space in the middle, terrified that they would end up wounded from the effects of the oncoming battle.


    An endless amount of aura erupted from the Immortal Master's very being. From a distance, he looked absolutely merciless as he stood tall amidst the white fog!


    A white sword appeared in his hand. It emitted such an icy chill that it could freeze a person into ice. He brandished it towards Gu Ruoyun in one swift move.

    His tall figure began to circle around Gu Ruoyun's slender body. The sword in the man's hand followed his sneer and slowly aimed downwards.
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