Chapter 743: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (4)

    Chapter 743: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (4)

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    A wild wind rose, surrounding the two.

    Soon, the crowd watched as the Immortal Master's sword fell, piercing through Gu Ruoyun's chest.


    The sword had pierced through the woman's chest but the strange thing was, when the blade had gone through, there was no blood.

    Instantly, the Immortal Master narrowed his eyes and furrowed his brows at the slowly dissolving figure.

    "An afterimage?"

    The crowd was in shock. They never thought that this woman, whose chest had just been pierced by the Immortal Master's sword, could create an afterimage.


    Feeling a gust of wind behind him, the Immortal Master scoffed coldly before hurriedly turning around to raise his sword and block the attack. The woman behind him was instantly sent stumbling back and a trail of fresh blood trickled down from the corner of her lips.


    The Immortal Master scoffed again as a disdainful smile appeared on the corners of his lips. He stared condescendingly down at the woman before him.

    "You've overestimated yourself!"


    A powerful wave energy emerged from his body and turned into a large fist before him. It was aimed towards Gu Ruoyun and seemed to contain the power to topple mountains and overturn seas. Everything on earth seemed to pale in view of such power.


    Gu Ruoyun hurriedly raised her hand to catch the fist but the high-pressured oppression quickly drained her face of color. Her clear, cold gaze pierced through the thick layers of obstruction and fell upon the man's arrogant face.


    Boom, boom, boom!

    Wave after wave of energy came cutting down from the void. They were aimed mercilessly towards her delicate and slender figure but Gu Ruoyun did not retreat. Her green robes have now become torn and haggard as it fluttered gently against the night winds.


    The Immortal Master felt a hint of shock as if he never expected the woman before him to successfully oppose his powerful attacks.

    "Are you done?"

    Gu Ruoyun wiped the blood from the corner of her lips and stared emotionlessly at the Immortal Master's shocked face. She spoke in a clear and cold voice, "Since you're done, it's now my turn."


    After she spoke, the woman raised her own sword in a horizontal direction. The sword emitted a white light that could take away one's soul as if it were a glaringly bright light that shone in the hearts of men.


    A loud roar sounded from the longsword in the woman's hand. At that moment, the entire mountain range shivered.

    A large, pale white dragon flew out from the sword. It spat an entire mouthful of dragon's breath towards the Immortal Master who was only a few feet away.

    "A high-level spiritual weapon?"

    The Immortal Master's face finally displayed a hint of change. The expression in his eyes sank as he watched the pale dragon's breath hurling towards him. He quickly stepped back and blocked the attack.

    "A high-level spiritual weapon, this woman actually has a high-level spiritual weapon in her hands!"

    "Only a high-level spiritual weapon can contain a weapon spirit. I never thought that she would actually have such a powerful thing in her hands."

    "Also, if I'm not sensing this wrongly, Gu Ruoyun's powers seem to be at the rank of a low-level Martial Honor!"

    A twenty-year-old low-level Martial Honor, how many people on this mainland would actually have the ability to achieve this?

    The crowd's hearts were shaken but collectively, they all felt pity instead.

    If she could have waited another few years, perhaps no one on this mainland would be a match for her. Unfortunately, she was far too brash. Regardless of the situation, the Immortal Master, a high-level Martial Honor, was not someone that she could easily defeat.
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