Chapter 756: The End (2)

    Chapter 756: The End (2)

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    She was still unsure of the dangers which lay ahead on the East Peak Mainland so she could not bring Xia Linyu along. Only when she was powerful enough would she return to take him with her.


    Gu Shengxiao nodded. His eyes were filled with gentleness and love, "Leave everything to me. You can rest assured and go on ahead. I'll meet you again soon enough."

    "Big Brother."

    Gu Ruoyun released herself from Gu Shengxiao's embrace. She was about to saying something but in the end, she condensed it all to two words, "Take care."

    "Take care!"

    She took one last look at Gu Shengxiao, scooped Xiao Zixie up and headed out of the tent.

    She did take another look back!

    She was afraid that if she ever turned back, she could not have endured leaving him...


    Previously, when the Medicine Order had chosen to join the Immortal Realm, they had set up their living quarters in a city near the Immortal Realm's headquarters! Obviously, one of the reasons behind this was to avoid being found by Gu Ruoyun!

    At this moment, because the battle had just ended, the rest have yet to return. So, the Medicine Order was not aware of what had transpired on the battlefield.

    Therefore, when Wei Yiyi and Rong Xin had appeared, the members of the Medicine Order were shocked and someone immediately informed the elders. Hence, not too long after, countless figures flew towards them before landing in the middle of the courtyard.

    "Wei Yiyi, what's the meaning of this?"

    Lin Jun recognized Wei Yiyi, who was restraining Rong Xin, with one glance. His expression did not change and his handsome face darkened as he questioned her.

    "What's the meaning of this?"

    Wei Yiyi smiled mockingly, "Can't you see? I've restrained a criminal and brought her here to pay for her crimes against the old Order Master!"

    "What on earth are you talking about?" Lin Jun's expression became darker and he retorted icily, "Let go of our Order Master. You've already murdered the old Order Master, kidnapped Junior Sister Nan Xiao, and treated our present Order master with utter disrespect. Wei Yiyi, has your conscience been consumed by dogs?"


    Wei Yiyi lifted her lips into a mocking smile, "Lin Jun, do you not feel guilty about the words you're spewing? I'll say this once more; the reason I've come here are to save Nan Xiao and to expose Rong Xin's true nature for everyone in the Medicine Order to see!"


    Upon arriving in the courtyard, every elder who had overheard Wei Yiyi's words immediately burst into sensation out of shock.

    Elder Tianli hurriedly stepped forward. His elderly eyes measured Wei Yiyi and his voice carried a slew of emotions, "Wei Yiyi, is it really you? Also, what do you mean when you said those words?"

    "Elder Tianli."

    Wei Yiyi displayed some measure of respect in her voice as she addressed Elder Tianli, " I'm here today to provide an explanation for everything which had happened all those years ago! I'm also here to avenge my Master!"

    Wei Yiyi then threw Rong Xin to the ground and sneered, "This woman, in order to obtain the Treasury of Medicine given to me by our Master, had conspired with Lin Jun to kill our Master! She then pushed all the blame on me and not only destroyed my looks, she also destroyed my powers as well! At that time, I was barely able to escape with my life thanks to Junior Sister Nan Xiao!"

    Elder Tianli was filled with emotion, his eyes were spitting fire.

    "Order Master, is Wei Yiyi speaking the truth?"

    "Elder Tianli, I..."

    Rong Xin tried to explain but was unsure of what to say.

    Even though Gu Ruoyun had not come along and was waiting for them outside the city, she had sent the Azure Dragon, one of the Four Divine Spiritual Beasts, to follow after them in secret and protect Wei Yiyi. As such, her plan to conspire with the members of the Medicine Order to get rid of Wei Yiyi would be to no avail.
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