Chapter 757: The End (3)

    Chapter 757: The End (3)

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    "Wei Yiyi, you're spitting venomous slander!" Lin Jun glared at Wei Yiyi hatefully and his eyes were filled with an irrepressible hatred, "Don't think of trying to push your past sins onto someone else! The old Order Master had died by your hand and you have now taken Nan Xiao away! Yet, you're still trying to frame others! Let me tell you this Wei Yiyi; your actions are useless. No one is going to believe you."

    As they heard this, the elders on Rong Xin's side began to fling accusations.

    "Wei Yiyi, your sins are great and many yet still you want to drag others down with you? Aside from you, who else would be so vicious as to kill the old Order Master?"

    "You're simply too disgusting. Our Order Master is kind and just, why would she commit such bloody atrocities? Now, you have the audacity to step into the Medicine Order. Are you not aware that the Medicine Order now belongs to the Immortal Realm? Your actions are equivalent to slapping the Immortal Realm in the face!"

    "I'll give you one last chance, let the Order Master go then bow down and apologize for your wrongdoings. Who knows, our Order Master might be feeling extra generous and grant you a less terrible death."

    They spoke one after another as they stared at Wei Yiyi with arrogance and chilly expressions.

    They looked at her as if she was an idiot.

    Could it be that Wei Yiyi was completely unaware of whose territory this is? If she attracts the attention of the Immortal Realms, her death will be assured.

    Wei Yiyi smiled, "You accuse me of kidnapping Junior Sister Nan Xiao but where's your proof?"


    Lin Jun sneered, "Guards, bring Nan Xiao's little disciple to me."

    Someone responded immediately as soon as he gave the order. Not too long after, a delicate young girl was pushed in front of the crowd.

    The young girl looked pale and her eyes were filled with terror. However, when she remembered Rong Xin's threats, she hardened her heart and threw herself at Wei Yiyi.

    "It was you! You were the one who took my Master away! Give my Master back to me! Give my Master back to me!"


    Before she could even go near Wei Yiyi, she was pushed away by the aura in Wei Yiyi's body. Her body fell to the ground as her fine hair fell onto her shoulders. She immediately presented a sorry figure indeed.

    "Wei Yiyi, is there anything more you wish to say?" Lin Jun lifted his chin and sneered, "She is Nan Xiao's favorite disciple, her words can't be fake. Also, she had personally witnessed you taking Nan Xiao away. Do you still plan on blaming others?"


    Wei Yiyi giggled coquettishly. She stared smilingly at the young girl on the ground and asked with a smile, "You're certain that it was I who had taken Nan Xiao away?"

    The young girl felt even more terrified but she did not show it on her face. Instead, she gritted her teeth and said, "It was you, I saw you taking my Master away with my own eyes!"

    "Ling'er, you're such a disappointment!"

    Suddenly, a furious voice rang out from outside the courtyard. The crowd then watched as Wu Yue hurriedly walked in. She shot a disappointed look at the pale young girl, "How has Master been treating you? And this is how you chose to treat her in return? You would listen to Rong Xin's orders and slander your Senior Aunt Wei?"

    "Wu Yue, you're still alive?"

    Elder Tianli was shocked. Then, astonishment flashed in his eyes, "Also, what do you mean? Has this little girl been bribed?"

    "You're lying!"

    The young girl instantly grew nervous. She gritted her teeth and said, "Senior Sister Wu Yue, you're the one who has been bribed. You're only interested in saving your own neck and offered your services to Wei Yiyi. But I'm not like you, I owe Master a great debt of gratitude. I will have justice for her even if it means my own death!"
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