Chapter 759: The End (5)

    Chapter 759: The End (5)

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    If Wu Yue herself was in this situation, she would never have done it!

    In her entire life, her Master was most the important person to her and a benefactor who had given her a second chance at life!

    "Senior Sister Wu Yue, you won't understand." The young girl shook her head, "Blood is granted by the Heavens, no one can replace that. If I could ignore my own parents, what kind of a person am I?"

    Suddenly, Wu Yue was unsure of what to say.

    She knew that if she was to say anything else, this little girl would infuriate her to death.

    "Ling'er, there's something I need you to know." Nan Xiao lifted her head and looked at the young girl's delicate features, "Your parents are already dead."


    The young girl was shaken and her eyes widened in disbelief.

    "Master, what did you just say?"

    "Rong Xin had murdered your parents! They were dead long ago. There's one more thing that you don't know about." Nan Xiao spoke slowly as she continued to stare at the young girl's face, "Your parents had come to see me last year. They told me that something has happened to your younger brother's health and that they wanted to use your heart as a transplant for him! This also means that they wanted to use your life in exchange for your brother's. I rejected their request. With this in mind, do you still think that they're worth betraying me?"

    "That's impossible!"

    The young girl shook her head as her body stumbled back involuntarily. Her small figure trembled continuously in the gentle wind.

    "How would they be dead? And why would Father and Mother choose for me to die in my younger brother's place? This is simply impossible! Besides, they had abandoned me years ago because our family was too poor, not because they truly did not love me."

    "Do you think that your Master has any reason to lie to you?" Wu Yue smiled curtly, "On one hand, there are your parents who want you dead. On the other is your Master who loves you dearly. In the end, you had chosen someone who wanted you dead! Ling'er, you really should search your soul properly!"

    Finally, the young girl could no longer hold it in and burst into tears. Her hand covered her lips tightly as her body trembled incessantly.

    "I'm sorry, Master, I'm so sorry..."

    Nan Xiao sighed with disappointment, "If you had only betrayed me, I could still forgive you. However, your betrayal has caused Senior Sister Yiyi a lot of trouble. Ling'er, choose to take your own life. This is the last honor I will provide you with."


    The young girl put her hand down and stared at Nan Xiao dazedly. When she saw that Nan Xiao had looked away, her heart slowly sank. She lowered her lashes and said, "Master, I understand. I've wronged you greatly and I should, indeed, give my life back to you."

    She took one last look at Nan Xiao before slamming herself fiercely against a nearby pillar.


    A muffled thud sounded and blood trickled down her forehead. The young girl's body slowly crumpled to the ground. Soon, blood stained the entire ground where her body lay.

    Nan Xiao shut her eyes and felt heartbroken. Regardless, this little girl was her disciple whom she had raised from a young age and was no different from a foster daughter. Now, how could her heart not ache after forcing her to take her own life?

    However, this time, she had crossed a line.

    If Senior Sister Yiyi had not found such a good master, perhaps it would have been Senior Sister Yiyi who would end up dead...

    "It's your turn now."

    Wei Yiyi looked away and smiled coldly, "Rong Xin, Lin Jun, do you know how long I've waited for this day to come? For days and nights on end, I would dream of everything you've done to me!"
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