Chapter 760: The Man In Red (1)

    Chapter 760: The Man In Red (1)

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    Lin Jun was so shocked that he stumbled back, "Stay away!"

    He turned around and tried to escape but was caught by the eagle-eyed Elder Tianli who appeared behind him in a flash and blocked his only way out.

    Wei Yiyi curled her lips and smiled as she slowly walked towards Lin Jun, "Don't worry, I won't let you die so easily. If you were to die so easily, how could I ever face our late Order Master? I'll make sure that you lose all your powers, cripple your arms and legs, and make you kneel before the old Order Master's grave to apologize to him repeatedly every day."

    Considering the amount of hatred that she feels towards them, how could she grant them an easy way out?

    I will turn them into good-for-nothings. They will suffer humiliation and torture before meeting an awful end!



    Wei Yiyi pierced her sword into a vein in Lin Jun's arm. Crimson blood spewed out, dying her eyes red.

    However, she did not stop there. The sword in her hand moved quickly and soon, all the veins in his arms and legs had been severed! He fell to the ground and was unable to move! All he could do was stare up at Wei Yiyi's smiling face in horror.

    "Let me go, I'm begging you to let me go."

    He no longer held his previous arrogance as his voice pleaded with her.

    "Eh?" Wei Yiyi rubbed her chin and smiled, "I almost forgot that you can still talk..."

    She then placed her hand into Lin Jun's mouth and pulled out his tongue before slicing it off with a flash of her blade. This time, despite his extreme agony, he was unable to even scream. His throat could only make mild squeaking noises.

    After that, Wei Yiyi's eyes turned towards Rong Xin.

    Unsurprisingly, Rong Xin suffered the same fate as Lin Jun. Her hands and legs were crippled and she was turned dumb. She lay in a pool of blood where she had fallen on the ground, unable to move.

    "My great vengeance has been fulfilled, it's now time for me to leave."

    Wei Yiyi placed her sword back in its sheath and glanced at the two people lying on the ground. Her lips curled into a smile, "Rong Xin, Lin Jun, you'd better confess your sins before the old Order Master's grave for the rest of your lives!"


    As he realized that Wei Yiyi was about to leave, Elder Tianli hurriedly cried after her, "Previously, the old Order Master had plans on handing the Medicine Order to you. Since Rong Xin is now as good as dead, we'd like you to become the Order Master of the Medicine Order."

    Wei Yiyi paused before shaking her head, "I still have some important matters to attend to and I can't take up this position now."


    "Elder Tianli, this position should be given to Junior Sister Nan Xiao." Wei Yiyi said as she turned towards the crowd behind her and smiled, "Junior Sister Nan Xiao is the daughter of the old Order Master. No one would raise any opposition to having her at the reins but I'd still want you to assist her, Elder Tianli. One last thing, clean up the survivors who were loyal to Rong Xin."

    After leaving these instructions, she then turned towards Nan Xiao and slowly walked towards her before taking her hand. A smile hung on her charming face.

    "Nan Xiao, thank you so much for saving my life and helping me to escape. I believe that with the Medicine Order in your hands, you definitely won't disappoint the old Order Master. Also..." She paused and produced the book of treasured wisdom before placing it in front of Nan Xiao, "This is the Treasury of Medicine. It's no longer of any use to me now so I'm giving it to you. I hope that you'll return the Medicine Order to its former glory."

    Nan Xiao held onto the book with a tight grip and nodded gently, "Senior Sister Yiyi, don't worry. I won't let yours or Father's hopes down. Leave the Medicine Order to me, you can rest assured and follow after Lady Gu."
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