Chapter 761: The Man In Red (2)

    Chapter 761: The Man In Red (2)

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    Wei Yiyi smiled.

    Back then, she had followed Gu Ruoyun for the sake of having her revenge and also to snatch the Medicine Order from Rong Xin's hands.

    But now, she felt that fighting alongside her was truly the one thing she had wanted to do all along.

    "Take care."

    She joined her fists and bowed before turning around without another word and slowly disappearing from view.


    East Peak Mainland.

    The land near the border was covered in a layer of brilliant white snow.

    At this time, a team was trudging forward with great difficulty through the snow-covered field when a surprised voice suddenly rang out, echoing through the silent field.

    "Grand Lord, someone's here."

    The one addressed as the Grand Lord was a handsome man dressed in red robes. He had deep facial features and his eyes were very pronounced. His inky black hair was like a black flame which danced in the cold, wintry wind. He raised an eyebrow upon hearing his subordinate's report and stepped out of the crowd to approach the young woman who was lying on the ground.

    However, when he laid his eyes upon the woman's face, the man in red robes felt as if someone had just punched him hard in the stomach, causing him to tighten the space between his proud eyebrows. In that instant, his expression froze like ice.


    His breathing tensed. After a long pause, he slowly calmed the turmoil in his heart and smiled bitterly.

    She looks very much like her, too much alike!

    This little girl looks too much like Yu'er in her youth.

    "Grand Lord."

    The person behind him joined his fist and bowed before asking with reverence, "Should we continue on?"

    The man in red nodded before adding, "Bring her along as well. She has fainted here all alone. It would be hard for her to survive if no one saves her."

    Hearing this, the group behind the man in red could not help but look at one another. Their Grand Lord has always been known as the grim-faced God of Death. Why on earth would he show mercy to a stranger?

    Typically, he would not have even bothered to look twice.

    Of course, the man in red knew what the group behind him was thinking but he did not give them any explanation. His eyes gazed upon the woman's pale face as a hint of nostalgia flashed in his eyes.

    Yu'er, if our daughter was still by our side, she would probably be around this age...


    Gu Ruoyun could remember entering the portal from the West Spirit Mainland to the East Peak Mainland. However, she did not expect to encounter a portal storm while in transit. In the end, she had lost consciousness.

    What is this place?

    Gu Ruoyun felt a jolt and opened her eyes. Her eyes were filled with confusion as she felt the unsteady jolts.

    "Xiao Zixie, what happened? Where am I?"

    Just as she spoke, Xiao Zixie's childish voice echoed from the depths of her soul, "You lost consciousness after encountering a storm in the portal. I was just about to come out and take you away but a group of people had suddenly appeared so I didn't show myself. They're the ones who've saved you.

    Just as Xiao Zixie had finished his explanation, the carriage immediately shook and stopped.

    "You're awake?"

    The curtain of the carriage was pulled aside and a woman in white stepped out from the carriage. She glanced curtly at Gu Ruoyun, "If you're awake, then it's time for you to leave."

    Gu Ruoyun could feel the iciness from the woman's demeanor but did not comment on it. She gently nodded, "There's no need to worry, I don't plan on staying here."
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