Chapter 762: The Man In Red (3)

    Chapter 762: The Man In Red (3)

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    "Very well," The woman in white swept her cold gaze towards Gu Ruoyun once again and icily remarked, "It was our Grand Lord who had saved you. If he happens to ask, you will tell him that you left on your own accord. Understood?"

    Her bossy tone made Gu Ruoyun furrow her brows. She quickly relaxed them and said, "I'll say this once more, even if you refuse to let me leave, I won't possibly stay."

    Just as the woman in white was about to retort, an inquiring voice was heard outside the carriage, "Bai Yin, is that young lady awake? If she's awake, take her to meet the Grand Lord."

    Bai Yin relaxed her features before shooting Gu Ruoyun a look and warned, "Remember your words. Now, follow me to go see the Grand Lord. You should know the difference between what you should and shouldn't say."

    She then turned around and stepped out of the carriage.

    A group of people was seated around a campfire outside the carriage. The most eye-catching amongst them all was the man in red. He was strikingly handsome and looked amiable and approachable. However, his eyes held a haughty and unruly air in them. He seemed like the kind of person who would not even consider the gods at his level.

    If my guess is right, this man in red must be their aforementioned Grand Lord.

    "You're awake?" The man in red looked at Gu Ruoyun as he cocked his sharp brows and waved her over, "Come, sit."

    Gu Ruoyun fell silent. She walked towards the man in red and sat down next to him.

    "Your name?"

    The man in red turned towards Gu Ruoyun and asked as he handed her a roasted rabbit's leg.

    Gu Ruoyun accepted the roasted rabbit's leg, thanked him and replied, "Gu Ruoyun."

    "Gu Ruoyun?"

    The man in red stroked his chin. Suddenly, he smiled. His smile was beautiful and looked like a light which had shone out in a dark night, illuminating the entire sky.

    "That's a very good name indeed."

    "And yours?" Gu Ruoyun looked at the man in red and raised an eyebrow. She did not know why but this man somehow feels very familiar and dear to her even though this was the first time she has ever met him.

    It was a kind of feeling that made her yearn to be close to him.

    "My name? Hehe, it's been so many years. Even I've forgotten my own name. Everyone calls me the Grand Lord Hong Lian. If you don't mind, you may call me Hong Lian. How about it?"

    "Alright." Gu Ruoyun nodded and smiled in reply.

    Bai Yin's face turned an ugly shade as she noticed the two chatting and laughing away. When the man in red was not paying attention, she took advantage of the situation and sent Gu Ruoyun a few hard looks. Her eyes clearly displayed a sense of urgency.

    Gu Ruoyun acknowledged her looks and turned towards the man's perfect features. She paused before saying, "Grand Lord Hong Lian, thank you for saving my life. However, I have some matters to attend to so I'll take my leave now.


    When she saw that Gu Ruoyun had finally asked to leave, Bai Yin heaved a sigh of relief. She was really afraid that this woman would shamelessly insist on staying after meeting the Grand Lord! The Grand Lord was also giving her so much special treatment too.

    With her around, I'm afraid that it might be even more difficult to enter the Grand Lord's heart in the future.

    "You're leaving?"

    The man in red was shaken and he knit his brows tightly, "This snowfield is extremely dangerous. Spiritual beasts breed like flies here. Besides, it's night time. Where are you going? How about this, let me finish my business, and I'll send you off. Alright?"
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