Chapter 766: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (2)

    Chapter 766: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (2)

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    The Snow Spirit Wolves did not seem to hear the man in red's words as they howled and charged forward. As they began their attack, the snowfield instantly filled with a layer of thick, white fog which lowered the temperature by a few degrees.

    Bai Yin clutched the sword in her hand and stared nervously at the oncoming Snow Spirit Wolves. The space between her brows was on full alert.


    The man in red raised and lowered his hand slowly under the clear and cold moonlit sky.

    After hearing his order, everyone there drew their weapons and charged towards the Snow Spirit Wolves, completely disregarding their large numbers.

    Such was the way of the people of Red Lotus Territory!

    In this territory, they would only listen to the man in red's every order! Even if the Grand Lord had asked them to die, they would end their life without hesitation.

    Amidst the snowfield, the flash of red robes was particularly striking to the eye. It illuminated the black night like a red, scorching sun.

    The man in red did not make any move. Instead, he silently watched the battle on the snowfield as the deep space between his brows filled with absolute confidence and haughtiness. He did not seem the least bit worried about his subordinates losing to these b*stards on the snowfield.

    "Are you not going to help?"

    As she stared at the people who were fighting with great difficulty, Gu Ruoyun turned towards the man in red and asked.

    "If I have to do everything, what's the point in having them?" The man in red raised his brows and his voice was full of confidence, "Do you know how to make your forces to terrifying, so much so that others dread you?"

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow but did not say anything else. She seemed as if she was waiting for the man in red's next words.

    "It's insanity!" The man in red sniggered and turned to Gu Ruoyun, "There's no use in me going insane on my own. If I want others to dread me, I needed a group of madmen! Thus, my subordinates are all madmen who do not wish to live! On this mainland, the fights are cruel. Only the winners are kings and the losers are enemies! As long as we win, it doesn't matter what tactics we use, we would still be king! And only with persistence can one survive on this merciless mainland. This is the conclusion of my experiences over the years. If it wasn't for the fact that I dared to persist against others, I would not have reached this stage."

    This was what he had taught his subordinates as well!

    They would only experience growth if he let go and let them fight!

    They would no longer feel scared about getting hurt! If they had never experienced pain, how could they then grow stronger? No one's journey can be smooth sailing all the time and everyone would have to experience the hurt from childhood to adulthood before they could end up standing at the peak of humanity!

    Gu Ruoyun was quiet for a moment.

    The man in red is not like me after all. Xiao Hei's has infinite space to allow my subordinates to grow and I also have countless pills to nurture them.

    Even so, the members of the Devil Sect have emerged from many battles. Otherwise, the Devil Sect would not have experienced such a rapid growth.

    A powerful cultivator who has never experienced danger cannot be considered as a truly powerful cultivator.

    The battle on the field grew more intense. Countless Snow Spirit Wolves howled and fell into a pool of blood as they died. Even so, the defenders were not much better off either. Some have even lost their strength to fight back.

    The initially clean-looking white snow was now covered with blood.

    Bai Yin's face grew increasingly pale. Under the piercing winter winds, her every exhale brought a hazy white fog. She clutched the blood-drenched longsword in her hand and charged towards the pack of Snow Spirit Wolves once again.
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