Chapter 767: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (3)

    Chapter 767: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (3)

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    Just then, an angry howl rang out from a snowfield next to them.

    When they heard the extreme anger in the howl, some of the defenders of a lower rank immediately felt a little unsteady and nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

    "A high-level Martial Honor Snow Spirit Wold?"

    The man in red raised an eyebrow, "It seems that this time, I'll have to deal with this spiritual beast personally. Bai Yin, I want you and the other to protect Yun'er."


    As soon as he had finished speaking, the flash of red robes ran towards the nearby snowy ground like a bolt of flame. Soon, he had appeared in front of the Snow Spirit Wolf.

    The man's red robes were like fire as he floated in the air. His pronounced brows were gently raised upwards, making him look a cold god of the inferno. He chided cooly, "Long-mouthed b*stard! You dare to oppose me, the Grand Lord Hong Lian. You're looking for death!"


    All everyone could see was the man in red's heavily callused hand slamming against the Snow Spirit Wolf's head. Without any warning, the Snow Spirit Wolf's head split open and it howled as it fell to the ground.

    The man placed his hand behind him then stood with his hands clasped behind his back amidst the wild winds. His long, inky black hair danced in the wind and he stood with his back towards the crowd. Under the night sky, the man in red's robes was an extremely striking sight.

    He shot a pitiless look at the Snow Spirit Wolf's body on the ground. He then slowly turned around and headed back towards Gu Ruoyun.

    Suddenly, a howl sounded and a powerful force emanated from the trees next to Gu Ruoyun. It then charged towards the woman fiercely.

    "There's still one more Snow Spirit Wolf? This isn't good!"

    The man in red's usually steady expression suddenly changed. He hurriedly cried out and rushed forward, "Long-mouthed b*stard! Stop right there! Little girl, hurry and get out of the way!"

    But it was clearly too late.

    The Snow Spirit Wolf had come out so suddenly and was only a few steps away from Gu Ruoyun...


    A burst of anger erupted from the man in red's body as if he was attempting to ignite the entire snowfield. His entire being was like a flaming ball of fire as he charged towards the Snow Spirit Wolf.

    At that moment, Gu Ruoyun finally made her move and allowed her Martial Honor coercion to erupt from her body.

    A longsword also appeared from thin air and floated in front of her.

    The sword was glowing with a sharp white light that shot up into the sky. A dragon's roar then rang out from the blade. It turned into a sharp blade of bright, white light and sliced towards the Snow Spirit Wolf's face.


    Fresh blood spewed from the Snow Spirit Wolf's head in a torrent and dyed the sky red. The originally fearsome Snow Spirit Wolf trembled before falling in front of Gu Ruoyun into a pool of its own blood.

    It probably was not aware of how it had died. How had this woman, who looked frail and weak, managed to kill it?

    The man in red was stunned and his body was suspended in midair. He stared in surprise at the woman's clear and cold features.

    "A mid-level Martial Honor?"

    That's right, when the woman had made her move, I had clearly sensed her power.

    A twenty-year-old mid-level Martial Honor? This little girl is completely abnormal!

    However, when he saw that Gu Ruoyun was safe and unscathed after killing a Snow Spirit Wolf, the man in red felt the rage in his heart calm down. He laughed bitterly, "Sigh, it seems that I've been worrying about nothing. You, little girl, are full of deep secrets. I actually didn't manage to see through your powers! However, I'm now your godfather after all yet you would still keep your powers from me."
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