Chapter 768: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (4)

    Chapter 768: The Rage Of The Snow Spirit Wolves (4)

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    Gu Ruoyun detected the resentment in the man's voice but she merely shrugged her shoulders, "It's not that I'm keeping it from you on purpose, you never asked me."

    Hearing this, the man in red instantly fell silent.

    Was that not the case? I had not been able to see through her capabilities and I never asked her about it either. It's not like she had kept it from me on purpose.

    The man in red smiled at the thought then replied indulgently, "You really are a little fox. Fine, fine. It was indeed my fault for not asking you and you had not kept it from me on purpose. It's getting late now. You go and get some rest, I still have some matters to attend to."

    Then, the man in red turned around to an obviously scared silly Bai Yin. His initial indulgence and gentleness towards Gu Ruoyun instantly reverted to his cool and proud visage. His handsome face was carved in icy lines. He stared down emotionlessly at the woman in white before him.

    "Bai Yin, do you know your crime?"


    Bai Yin hurriedly knelt to the ground with cold sweat dripping from her brow, "Grand Lord, this subordinate had been inadequate in protecting her. Please, Grand Lord, hold me accountable."

    As she spoke, she bit her lip fiercely.

    This woman certainly has a long life!

    At that moment when the Snow Spirit Wolf had appeared before Gu Ruoyun, Bai Yin's heart had not been filled with fear but with joy!

    If Gu Ruoyun was to die, then she will be the only one to remain by the Grand Lord's side! She would never let any other woman aside from the Madam to hold the Grand Lord's attention! So, she had not saved Gu Ruoyun on purpose.

    "Inadequate in protecting her?" The man in red sneered, "You think that by admitting your inadequacy, I would absolve you for neglecting your duties? I had asked you to protect her and that means that even if you had been faced with fearsome spiritual beasts, you would give your life to protect her. Instead, you've tried to wriggle away from your responsibility by admitting your inadequacy when in fact you've neglected your duties."

    Bai Yin's expression turned extremely pale and cold sweat rolled down from her brow.

    "Grand Lord, this subordinate has made a mistake. Please, Grand Lord, spare me this once on account of the fact that I've fought by your side for twenty years."

    She kowtowed fiercely and her forehead was soon red and bruised. However, she did not seem to notice the pain and continued to kowtow.

    "After this job is done, you can go back to the Territory and accept your punishment. There's also no need for you to follow me around anymore." The man in red lowered his gaze and stared at the woman who was kneeling on the ground. His voice was cold and merciless. "I'll say this again, I'm only giving you one more chance. If you cross me a second time, you will immediately return to the Territory and accept your punishment!"

    Bai Yin's expression was now ten thousand shades uglier. Her heart now pushed all her past wrongs towards Gu Ruoyun.

    If she had not agreed to stay, the Grand Lord would not be treating me this way now!

    This was all because of this vicious woman!

    "Grand Lord, you've only met her once. You don't even know who she is or if she's an undercover agent from that particular organization. Why do you trust her so much?" Bai Yin pointed at Gu Ruoyun and cried out angrily, "I've followed you for the past twenty years and I've always been loyal to you. Now, because of this woman, you would want to punish me like this? I don't understand why!"


    A red light flashed and hit her squarely on the chest. Bai Yin's body instantly flew out of the way before landing harshly on the ground.

    She raised her pretty eyes in astonishment. In that instant, the man's knife-like glare shot into her eyes and cut through her heart at the same time. The pain was agonizing.

    She has never left his side not even for a day for the past twenty years. At the end of everything else, this man, whom she would never be able to forget for the rest of her life, was treating her in this manner for the sake of a woman he had only just met.
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