Chapter 773: The Mysterious Cloud Fruit (4)

    Chapter 773: The Mysterious Cloud Fruit (4)

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    "There's no need," The man in red glanced over at Bai Yin as he replied coldly, "Once this job is done, you will return to the Territory and accept your punishment! I won't give you a second chance!"

    Bai Yin's body trembled and her face drained of color. She knew that this time, she had run out of chances.

    "Let's go."

    The man in red no longer bothered to look at Bai Yin as he waved his hand and gave the order.

    "Yes, Grand Lord."

    Everyone joined the fists and replied in unison.

    While they all felt sympathy for Bai Yin, she had brought it upon herself. No one else could take the blame.

    How could she be unaware of the Grand Lord's temperament after following the Grand Lord for so many years?

    The Grand Lord has always been the kind of person who would stand by his decisions, no one can change his mind.

    The Grand Lord had already let her off the first time she opposed him! Instead, she then vented her anger upon her Ladyship and paid no heed to the Grand Lord's orders, neglecting in her duties to protect the Lady! As the person in charge of the Red Lotus Territory, the Grand Lord would not spare her so easily.

    If it was not for the fact that this job was slightly more dangerous, he probably would have already sent her back to the Territory.

    Bai Yin clutched her longsword tightly as she stared hatefully at the person following the man in red. No one saw the way she had glared at Gu Ruoyun - her eyes were as sharp as the blade of a sword.

    If looks could kill, Bai Yin would have already dismembered Gu Ruoyun into ten thousand pieces.

    During the next part of the journey, they encountered numerous ferocious spiritual beasts. In general, most of the spiritual beasts were at the stage of a high-level Martial Honor. However, because the man in red was a Martial Supreme, regardless of how many spiritual beasts tried to attack them, it was difficult for them to escape the fate of having their lives cut short.

    As such, during the journey, Gu Ruoyun had not needed to do anything. All she had to do was to relax and stay by that man's side.

    "If I'm not mistaken, the Mysterious Cloud Fruit should be inside."

    The group had stopped outside a snow-covered forest.

    The man in red gazed fixedly at the dense forest in front of them and spoke slowly, "This is the deepest end of the snowfield and is also the most dangerous place. You must all be more cautious. This will not be like the outside of the forest where the highest rank we had encountered were high-level Martial Honors."

    In the snow-covered forest, one could barely sense a fairly discernable power. This power was so strong that it sent tremors through the hearts of many.

    When he sensed this powerful force, the man in red's heart slowly sank.

    "We'll continue on!"

    The man in red slowly relaxed his sharp, furrowed brows as he ordered in a deep voice.

    Be it man or dragon who is residing at the deep end of this snowfield, I won't let them stop me from finding the Mysterious Cloud Fruit!


    Gu Ruoyun had initially thought that in such a well-known harsh area like this snowfield that there would not be a lot of people around but she realized that she had been mistaken. Once they stepped into the deep end of the snowfield, she found out that many others have also arrived in the area. Some of them were even at the rank of a Martial Supreme!

    "What's going on?"

    The man in red was astounded as well. He frowned gently.  This shouldn't be happening, these people are forces that are near invincible and now, they've all gathered in this snowy forest?

    This situation was extremely suspicious!

    "Godfather," Gu Ruoyun smiled mildly and turned towards the man in red, "Has news of your search for the Mysterious Cloud Fruit been leaked out?"

    The man in red shook his head, "The Mysterious Cloud Fruit grows inside the forests of the snow field. This was something which many are aware of. Normally, there will be others who would risk their lives for the sake of the Mysterious Cloud Fruit. I am simply testing my luck so I don't think that they're here for the Mysterious Cloud Fruit. If my guess is right, they have another motive! I've been in the snowfields all this time so I'm not too sure of the happenings in the world outside."
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