Chapter 774: The Mysterious Cloud Fruit (5)

    Chapter 774: The Mysterious Cloud Fruit (5)

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    Gu Ruoyun fell silent. When she had stepped into the snowfield, she had sensed a faintly discernible aura. Could it that these people have all came to the snowfields for this very object?

    "Can you sense that?"

    The man's eyes froze and his handsome face had a never-before-seen sense of seriousness. He raised his head to look at the sky at the deep end of the forest. A light flashed in his eyes.

    "It seems to be coming from over there! If I'm correct, the thing which had attracted them here is over there. Furthermore, that object seems like it's a... Spiritual beast egg?"

    Gu Ruoyun was slightly surprised. She stared in astonishment at the man in red's handsome visage.

    Actually, from the beginning, she had already sensed the spiritual beast egg. However, she was only been able to sense it because of her contract with Zixie but this man was able to discern a spiritual beast and spiritual beast egg through a human's senses?

    It seems that Xiao Zixie was right.

    This man was the second most powerful person she had encountered since the beginning!

    The most powerful person she had encountered was that man in white who calls himself the 'Holy One'!

    A cold light filled with murderous intent flashed across Gu Ruoyun's eyes at the thought of that man. He was the one to blame for causing Zixie to transform into a phoenix egg.

    One day, I will make him pay this debt in full!

    "Hong Lian, what are you doing here?"

    Suddenly, a less than friendly voice called out.

    Gu Ruoyun turned around and found a small and thin old man leading a group of people towards the ground. The old man's face was as wrinkled as an old tree's bark. His tiny eyes were narrowed into small slits. They darted back and forth ceaselessly but no one could tell what he was plotting.

    The man in red raised an eyebrow and replied mockingly, "Why would I need anyone's permission to come here?"

    "Hehe," The thin little man laughed. Suddenly, he noticed Gu Ruoyun who was standing next to the man and a light flashed in his eyes. He then asked with a smile, "Everyone in the world always talk of your deep devotion to your Madam, you've been searching for her whereabouts for twenty years without stop. Yet, I never thought that the deeply devoted Grand Lord Hong Lian would do something like this. I wonder, is this young lady your officially wedded wife or your little concubine?"


    No one expected the man in red who had been standing still to suddenly make his move!

    A loud noise exploded in front of the old man. If he had not managed to quickly evade it, he would have lost his life in that one blow. Even if he did survive the blow, he would have at least lost half a life! Even so, he had been affected by the attack and was rendered battered and exhausted.

    "Madman! You are just like the world says - a madman!" The old man gritted his teeth hatefully. If his powers had not been one level short of the man in red's, he would definitely have not allowed him to get away with this!

    I had only said a few words but this madman had attacked me without any warning! F*ck, does he have the audacity to be even more insane?

    " So what if I'm insane? If I can make you all fear me, then there's nothing wrong with being a little mad." The man in red smiled icily and swept his gaze across the battered old man. He then continued sharply, "Yu Xinglong, if I hear you insulting my daughter again, you won't be so lucky the next time!"

    The man, whose name was Yu Xinglong, now had a very ugly look on his face. However, he mostly felt a lingering fear.

    How was I supposed to know that this person would attack me without any warning, I wasn't even ready! In the past, even if Grand Lord Hong Lian had wanted to pick a fight with me, he would have at least warned me about it. Otherwise, I would not have ended up cutting such a sorry figure!
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