Chapter 777: Supreme Jin (3)

    Chapter 777: Supreme Jin (3)

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    The man in red laughed coldly, "I'd advise you to consider your own safety a little better, lest you end up dying in the claws of these spiritual beasts if I don't kill you myself. As for my daughter, you need not trouble yourself. Was your last loss not enough for you? Would you like to have another go?"

    Yu Xinglong's expression changed. He scoffed, turned around, and no longer looked at the man in red.

    "Hehe. My Lady, you're probably not aware of the matters concerning this Yu Xinglong, right?"

    Suddenly, a voice spoke up from the side, interrupting Gu Ruoyun's thoughts.

    Gu Ruoyun jumped and turned around. Her astonished gaze landed on the man standing next to her.

    If I remember correctly, Godfather had addressed him as Xue Kuang yesterday.

    "Before the Grand Lord had reached the rank of a Martial Supreme, Yu Xinglong had his eye on the Grand Lord's talents and wanted him to become his son-in-law. Unfortunately, the Grand Lord was deeply devoted to the Madam so how could he possibly accept another woman? He had rejected his offer. Yu Xinglong's daughter found it unacceptable so she then tried to intertwine herself with the Grand Lord. In the end, the Grand Lord taught her a good lesson! Yu Xinglong felt humiliated and declared that he would force the Grand Lord to become his son-in-law! However, no one expected the Grand Lord to grow in power in such a short time until he was nearly at the same level as him. Because of this, Yu Xinglong did not dare show his impudence and could only shoot arrows at the Grand Lord in secret. Now, the Grand Lord has flung him to the back. If the Grand Lord had not been so busy with fighting against the people of that particular organization, Yu Xinglong would not be alive today."

    Xue Kuang excitedly described the man in red's heroic deed to Gu Ruoyun. To them, the Grand Lord is a god in their hearts. No one could surpass him.

    If it had not been for that organization which was eyeing the Grand Lord covetously, would Yu Xinglong still be alive to stand here and mock the Grand Lord?

    Even though Yu Xinglong's powers were quite formidable and the Grand Lord's powers have long surpassed his, if the Grand Lord was to publicly start a fight with Yu Xinglong, that organization would definitely step in to meddle or collect influence and power from the collateral damage between the two sides.

    So, the Grand Lord has decided to let Yu Xinglong be for the time being. However, if he crosses the line and makes the Grand Lord lose his patience entirely, only then would he risk the dangerous meddling from that organization.

    Gu Ruoyun listened quietly to Xue Kuang's story and understood the dispute between Yu Xinglong and Grand Lord Hong Lian.

    So, it was actually due to an affair of the heart but it was obvious that Yu Xinglong had underestimated the Grand Lord's talents and capabilities.

    "Ah, that organization you've mentioned, what's it called?

    Gu Ruoyun raised an eyebrow and asked Xue Kuang.

    "Xue Kuang!"

    Bai Yin, who was next to them, stopped Xue Kuang when she saw that he was about to continue his conversation with Gu Ruoyun. She then explained, "There's no need to inform her Ladyship about these matters, is there?"

    Bai Yin did not spit the words 'her Ladyship' willingly. After all, deep down, she does not acknowledge Gu Ruoyun's current status. However, at a time like this, she was not willing to oppose Gu Ruoyun. Otherwise, based on how much the Grand Lord now favors her, she might end up being chased out of the Territory because of this woman.

    Hearing Bai Yin's words, Xue Kuang realized that he had accidentally said too much and laughed in embarrassment. He rubbed his nose awkwardly, momentarily unsure of what to say.

    The man in red rolled his eyes and turned towards Gu Ruoyun. His gaze softened, no longer holding the icy domineering gaze that he used whenever he looked at anyone else.
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