Chapter 778: Supreme Jin (4)

    Chapter 778: Supreme Jin (4)

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    "Do you recall what I had said to you before? I have a powerful enemy and that is the organization Xue Kuang was talking about! However, I can't reveal their name to you for the time being. I don't want you to get mixed up in this matter. Once I have enough power to completely destroy them, I'll tell you everything."

    Gu Ruoyun smiled. She knew that her godfather would not tell her the name of the organization for her sake. After all, an enemy who was deemed powerful by the Grand Lord Hong Lian must be extremely powerful!

    With my current level of power, how could I go up against that organization?

    "Godfather, your enemy is my enemy. Perhaps my powers are not strong enough now but one day, I will be able to help you in your revenge." Gu Ruoyun lifted her head and looked up at the man in red's handsome visage. Her clear, cold eyes were resolute.

    The man in red burst into laughter, "You are indeed my good little daughter! Alright! Then I'll wait until you have the power to help me take my vengeance! If my wife knows what a good daughter I've taken in, she would be delighted."

    It's just that I don't even know where Yu'er is!

    As soon as he though of Dongfang Yu again, the man in red smiled bitterly. His handsome face was immediately filled with sorrow.

    It has been twenty years.

    For over twenty years, not a day has gone by when I don't miss her. Nevertheless, during these twenty years, I've combed the entire mainland and even searched through countless forbidden places. Still, I have not found her!

    Could it be that she's no longer in this world?

    The man in red felt a pang of agony in his heart. He quickly shook his head.


    This is definitely not possible!

    Yu'er must still be alive!

    If I can't find her in one day, I will spend ten years looking for her! If I can't find her in ten years, I will spend a hundred! If I'm still unable to find her in a hundred years, I will spend my every reincarnation until I find her again!

    The man in red unknowingly began to display an unwavering determination on his face. His domineering eyes were filled with purpose.

    Bai Yin's face turned into an ugly shade.  I had just stopped Xue Kuang from saying more about the matter to Gu Ruoyun yet the Grand Lord revealed it himself. He's clearly doing this on purpose to slap me in the face!

    I've kept him company for twenty years and given up an infinite amount of time. Why am I no better than a little girl whom he had just met?

    I won't accept this!

    One day, I will publicly become the Grand Lord's wife and that little slut, Gu Ruoyun, will no longer dare to act so shamelessly in front of me! She would even be required to bow and greet me for I will then be her godmother.

    Bai Yin calmed the rage in her heart and slowly followed behind the group.


    Yu Xinglong sneered. His eyes were filled with ridicule as they swept across Gu Ruoyun's figure.

    This little girl shows no sign of spiritual fluctuations within her body, she's an absolute good-for-nothing! A good-for-nothing like this would think that she has the ability to help Hong Lian in his vengeance? Also, Hong Lian has even accepted her words? When did Hong Lian become such an idiot? He's even taken in a good-for-nothing like her as his goddaughter!

    She is his goddaughter only in name but what person would be blind to the dirty thoughts in this fellow's heart?

    Initially, I had thought that Hong Lian was truly that devoted and this was why he had ignored my outstanding daughter. Who would have thought that he would find a good-for-nothing like this! Tsk, tsk. It seems that the Grand Lord Hong Lian had only been putting on an act. You can't judge a person by their appearance.


    The more Yu Xinglong thought of this, the angrier he felt. What was wrong with my daughter to have caused him to humiliate her in front of so many people in the past?

    He lost his cool and gritted his teeth as he spat angrily.
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