Chapter 780: The Semi-Saint Dragon (1)

    Chapter 780: The Semi-Saint Dragon (1)

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    Gu Ruoyun did not reply to his question. Her green robes fluttered under the light breeze. Her eyes were calm and quiet as she fixed her gaze upon the charging spiritual beasts.

    "Lingxiao, Yan. You haven't moved your limbs in a while either. Let's go."


    In that instant, the two spiritual beasts turned into rays of light and attacked the Scarlet Electric Beasts.

    While Lingxiao was not the strongest amongst the Four Divine Beasts, the formation had not weakened his powers too drastically. Therefore, when he had left the formation, he was already a mid-level Martial Honor. Not too long ago, he had broken through to the rank of a high-level Martial Honor.

    As for Yan, what more was there to say? He had long entered that rank. Coupled with the power he holds in his hand, a few Scarlet Electric Beasts would be no match for him.

    Yu Xinglong's expression was a particularly ugly shade. He glared coldly at the man in red and said icily, "I never thought that you would be so generous, Grand Lord Hong Lian, to casually give away two high-level Martial Honor spiritual beasts to a daughter whom you had picked up from god-knows-where."

    Those were two high-level Martial Honor spiritual beasts. Spiritual beasts like these have particularly stubborn temperaments and are especially difficult to tame. He did not think that Hong Lian would have indulged his goddaughter so much to gift her such powerful spiritual beasts as protectors.

    "I did not give these spiritual beasts to her."

    The man in red wrinkled his brows, even he was shocked by Gu Ruoyun's display of power. No wonder she had the courage to storm into the snowfields, not only is she exceedingly talented, she also has two high-level Martial Honor spiritual beasts in her possession.


    Yu Xinglong sneered and his lips curled into a despicable angle, "I say, Grand Lord Hong Lian, won't you stop this charade? If these two spiritual beasts had not come from you, how could this little girl have possibly picked them up? Don't tell me that this little girl has some powerful force behind her. No matter how powerful that force is, they can't possibly surpass you. Otherwise, why would she be fawning over you? Besides, what kind of family could tolerate a completely talentless person without even a sliver of spiritual energy? The people in this world are realistic, aren't you just helping her because her youth and beauty have caught your eye? She's merely a good-for-nothing so there's no need for you to masquerade her as a genius. Why would you even go to such lengths?"


    A wave of fiery anger erupted from the man in red. His eyes were like the sharp end of a blade as his gaze cut towards Yu Xinglong. When he sensed that sharp glare, Yu Xinglong could not help but tremble. Still, he quibbled on, "Was I mistaken? What's wrong with my daughter? She's young as well though her looks are only just acceptable. If you become my son-in-law, the two of us combined would definitely be more powerful than this one woman!"

    "Your daughter?" The man in red laughed icily, "In my heart, your daughter will never even come close to my wife! She does not even have an iota of a chance. Gu Ruoyun is my daughter and her spiritual beasts were not gifts from me. Believe it or not, that's up to you!"

    "Hong Lian, I'm telling you, you must marry my daughter! Otherwise, I will make you my mortal enemy!"

    Honestly, although Yu Xinglong still harbored hatred towards the Grand Lord Hong Lian, if the Grand Lord Hong Lian was willing to become his son-in-law, he would erase all that hatred with one stroke! After all, Hong Lian's talents were clear for all to see. Very few people could match up to him on this mainland.


    The man in red burst into domineering laughter which pierced through the clouds.

    "Mortal enemies? As you wish! Yu Xinglong, from now on, I, the Grand Lord Hong Lian, shall be your mortal enemy!"
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