Chapter 781: The Semi-Saint Dragon (2)

    Chapter 781: The Semi-Saint Dragon (2)

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    "You..." Yu Xinglong's face turned ashen with rage. He simply could not understand what was going on in the Grand Lord Hong Lian's mind. Had he actually agreed to become mortal enemies with him for the sake of those two women? Was he even aware of what's actually beneficial to him?

    Out of those two women, the whereabouts of one of them was unknown while the other was a good-for-nothing. How could they be worth all this trouble?

    However, this was clearly not the time for squabbling as the Scarlet Electric Beasts were now right in front of them. Even with Ling Xiao and Yan blocking the way, there were too many of them and they could not contain all the Scarlet Electric Beasts.

    Yu Xinglong scoffed icily and joined the battle. Because Lingxiao and Yan were at the front, the man in red did not join in the fight. Instead, he remained by Gu Ruoyun's side, protecting her.

    A thick smoke began to build up in the snowy forest.

    Fresh blood dyed the pure-white snow in a stark red hue and the ground was soon littered with the bodies of countless spiritual beasts. However, the remaining spiritual beasts did not relent and continued to charge and attack madly. It was almost as if they did not fear the deaths of their companions.

    "Something isn't right!" The man in red wrinkled his brows as he stared up at the white, foggy sky. His cold eyes darkened, "Something isn't right with these Scarlet Electric Beasts, it's almost as if someone was controlling them from behind their backs."

    Gu Ruoyun trembled but she did not respond. Instead, she furrowed her brows in silence.

    "This fellow is right."

    Just then, Xiao Zixie's childish voice called out from within her soul, "These Scarlet Electric Beasts are definitely under someone's control. They don't feel pain at all nor do they feel any fear. They will never stop attacking."

    "Everyone, come have a look!"

    Just then, a voice filled with surprised rang out from the side.

    A poorly-dressed youth was pointing at a dense mass of trees up ahead as he said, "I think there's something there, perhaps it's the spiritual beast egg?"

    Everyone's hearts trembled as they heard this.

    If a human wishes to possess a powerful spiritual beast, what were the ways for them to do that? On this mainland, it was easy to defeat a spiritual beast but it was quite impossible to make one yield to a human! Spiritual beasts who have unlocked their spiritual intelligence were very intelligent and they would rather die than serve a human!

    Hence, many cultivators wish to obtain a spiritual beast egg. The only way to make a spiritual beast listen to one's orders was by nurturing it from a young age! Hence, once they heard the news of this spiritual beast egg, countless powerful cultivators had immediately rushed to find it.

    Also, if this spiritual beast egg could be found in the deepest part of the snowfield without it being consumed by other spiritual beasts, one could imagine how powerful it could be. Like suppressed blood vessels, the other spiritual beasts would not dare to touch this spiritual beast egg!

    As for the maddened herd of spiritual beasts which had attacked the humans, this spiritual beast egg was probably behind all of this! A powerful spiritual beast, even before its birth, could order other spiritual beasts into doing its bidding.

    The crowd was in awe at the thought of this. No matter what, they were all determined to obtain that spiritual beast egg.

    After an extended period of time, the Scarlet Electric Beasts have all been finally slaughtered. Everyone heaved a sigh of relief but before they could react, the youth who had cried out immediately ran quickly into the dense patch of forest. He laughed as he ran, "Haha, the spiritual beast egg is mine now, it finally belongs to me!"


    Just as the youth was running towards it, a powerful flame shot out from the forest, reducing him to ashes before he even had the chance to react.
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