Chapter 782: The Semi-Saint Dragon (3)

    Chapter 782: The Semi-Saint Dragon (3)

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    Everyone was shocked as they hurriedly looked at the direction where the youth had vanished. A layer of cold sweat rolled down their backs and they all felt a great chill.

    That youthful-looking person could not be judged simply by his appearance alone. In fact, he had long passed a hundred years of age. The only thing was that no one really knew what methods he had used to maintain his youthful looks. Furthermore, his powers were not exactly weak! He was a low-level Martial Supreme.

    To be able to destroy a low-level Martial Supreme with just one breath, what kind of cultivators live in these parts?

    Just as the crowd was hesitating, a living creature poked its head through the thicket.

    "A dragon, heavens, it's a dragon!"

    "Dragons are at the very top of the food chain and every dragon is born as a Martial Emperor at the very least. Highly talented dragon babies can even be born as Martial Honors! Furthermore, dragons have long lives so regardless of how we compare it, us humans could never surpass a dragon's power."

    Gu Ruoyun gently raised an eyebrow. The most talented dragons are born as Martial Honors? Zixie was a Martial Supreme from the moment he had hatched. In that sense, Zixie's power is a few levels above that of dragons.


    The dragon roared loudly and destroyed the trees around it with one wave of its tail. Its menacing and sharp eyes were filled with disdain as it swept them across the tiny humans before it.


    That last roar caused everyone to feel sluggish, many nearly lost control and spat out a mouthful of blood.

    To be able to achieve such power, could it be that this dragon...

    "A Martial Saint, it must be at the rank of a Martial Saint! What on earth does the existence of that spiritual beast egg even mean? How could it receive protection from a Martial Saint dragon?"

    "Regardless! We must get this spiritual beast egg!"

    The man in red fell silent as he heard the crowd's words. After a long pause, he slowly spoke, "This dragon is not yet a Martial Saint. It's between a high-level Martial Honor and a Martial Saint, also known as a Semi-Saint!"

    However, even if the opposition was only a Semi-Saint, its powers should not be underestimated.

    "That's right," Supreme Jin glanced at the man in red before he turned towards the dragon. His face was grim and his beautiful eyes flashed darkly, "It is indeed a Semi-Saint! If we wish to defeat it, we cannot fight amongst ourselves. We must forces and attack in unison. As for the possession of the spiritual beast egg, let's wait until we've defeated the dragon before discussing it!"

    The crowd looked at one another. After all, they were all enemies despite being here together and there was only one spiritual beast egg! If they joined forces and defeated the enemy together, what if someone purposely holds back and wait for everyone to be wounded to claim the spiritual beast egg for themselves?

    Supreme Jin clearly saw right through the hearts of the crowd as he swept his cold and sharp eyes across their hesitant faces.

    "If we don't defeat it, forget about the spiritual beast egg, we might not even come out of here alive."

    That's right!

    If that dragon doesn't die, we'll never be able to leave this place!

    Everyone's hearts began to fill with determination at the thought.

    We can decide who gets to possess the spiritual beast egg after. The most important thing now is to defeat this dragon!

    "Alright!" Yu Xinglong gritted his teeth fiercely and said, "Since that's the case, let's defeat this dragon first. What do you all think?"

    Everyone nodded. If we don't defeat this dragon, we'll never stand a chance to obtain the spiritual beast egg that it's guarding.


    The dragon let out a loud roar again. Its roar formed circles of light waves towards the crowd. At that moment, even the ground was destroyed by the dragon's roar which seems powerful enough to destroy everything in sight.
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