Chapter 783: The Semi-Saint Dragon (4)

    Chapter 783: The Semi-Saint Dragon (4)

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    Instantly, a few Martial Emperors who were adept at defense joined forces to raise their defenses, deflecting the light waves away from the crowd. Yu Xinglong hurriedly turned back and barked at the man in red, "You're the most powerful person here, the main attack will be left to you."

    The man in red smiled and lowered his eyes to look at Gu Ruoyun, "Do you want this spiritual beast egg?"

    Gu Ruoyun blinked and asked, "What do you mean?"

    "If you want it, godfather will get it for you. If you don't want it, we can leave now."

    "Hong Lian!" Yu Xinglong nearly spat out a mouthful of blood in anger. He had not expected this fellow to indulge that woman to such a degree.

    If she wanted it, he would take it for her.

    If she doesn't want it, he would abandon us and leave?

    The most powerful amongst us here is the Grand Lord Hong Lian. If he were to leave, there's no way we could resist this dragon even if we had all joined forces.

    Bai Yin's expression turned extremely ugly and she could not help but speak up, "Grand Lord, if you can get that spiritual beast egg, our chances at revenge will increase."


    A pair of sharp eyes swept towards Bai Yin. The man in red's eyes were filled with an icy chill, causing Bai Yin to bite her lower lip as her body trembled violently.

    This time, the man in red didn't say much. When he looked back at Gu Ruoyun, his handsome visage lit up with a heart-stopping smile.

    The rest of the Red Lotus Territory disciples could understand what has gotten into Bai Yin over the past two days. After all, in the past, she has never overstepped her position in this manner. However, ever since Gu Ruoyun's appearance, she has already committed a few conspicuous mistakes. It was also very obvious that the Grand Lord was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with her conduct. It was likely that after this, she would never have the chance to stay by the Grand Lord's side again.

    "Hong Lian, hurry up and give us a hand!"

    Yu Xinlong was barely able to block the dragon's second attack. His elderly face displayed a great sense of urgency as he bellowed loudly at the motionless man in red.

    The man in red did not bother to look at him, as if he had not even heard his words.

    "Godfather, if you want to find the Mysterious Cloud Fruit, we should go through here, right?" Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders and asked in exasperation.

    The man in red fell silent as he heard this. He then nodded, "You're right. Since that's the case, this spiritual beast egg shall be a secondary spoil of the war and a gift to you. If you don't like it, use it as a tonic for yourself."

    Did he just suggest to use a spiritual beast egg which could control a Semi-Saint Martial Honor dragon as a tonic? Perhaps only a madman would utter such words! Besides, to him, it would seem that a powerful spiritual beast egg was not as important as the Mysterious Cloud Fruit. Was there something wrong with his brain?

    Nevertheless, at least the man in red was finally willing to act. Yu Xinglong didn't say much and concentrated on deflecting the dragon's attacks.

    The man in red rose high into the sky and his Red Lotus Spear appeared in his hands out of thin air. At this moment, his red robes fluttered wildly in mid-air like a red lotus blossom, proud and domineering. His entire being erupted with a sharp, sword-like, aggressive aura.

    "This man is indeed very powerful."

    When the man in red made his move, Gu Ruoyun could sense the destructive power from within his being. She fell silent, "While he is only a high-level Martial Supreme at this moment, he's not too far away from becoming a Martial Saint! I'm definitely anticipating the day when he breaks through to the rank of Martial Saint."

    In her past and present life, there were not many people whom Gu Ruoyun had admired. The Grand Lord Hong Lian can be counted as one of them. However, her great admiration was not because of Hong Lian's talent and power but because of his attitude!
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