Chapter 785: Give Me An Explanation (1)

    Chapter 785: Give Me An Explanation (1)

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    "You say that you don't know him but if that's the case, why had he walked up to you and disappeared near you? I advice you to hand over the damned brat. Otherwise, you will not be spared!" Yu Xinglong spoke threateningly.

    The man in red frowned as he stood protectively in front of Gu Ruoyun, shielding her from Yu Xinglong's venomous gaze as well.

    "Which of your eyes had witnessed the kid talking to my daughter?" The man in red smiled coldly, "You had concluded that my daughter knows the kid just because he had walked towards my daughter and disappeared? Did you even see him say a single word to her at all?"

    Yu Xinglong was speechless from all the questions. His face turned an ugly shade as if he had just swallowed feces and his face was ashen.

    However, the man in red's statement was accurate; Yu Xinglong had only witnessed the child vanishing into thin air, he did not see if the child had demonstrated that he knew Gu Ruoyun at all. Therefore, they could not conclude whether the two were acquainted with each other or not.

    "Yu Xinglong, I know that you have something against my daughter but you can't just spout venomous slander and have delusions of shifting the blame! As her godfather, I, the Grand Lord Hong Lian, must demand justice for my innocent daughter on account of everything which has happened today. If you don't give me an explanation, I won't take this lying down!"

    The words 'won't take this lying down' echoed through the forest. It resounded through the area and caused Yu Xinglong to look even more unhappy.

    "Just a moment ago, this woman had summoned two spiritual beasts in front of everyone's eyes. I suspect that she must have some sort of magical tool of space-manipulation to house those spiritual beasts so it's not too unreasonable to think that child who had just disappeared would be related to her."

    Humans cannot reside in a magical tool of space-manipulation but spiritual beasts can. However, a multidimensional divine weapon like Xiao Hei can house both human and spiritual beasts but such multidimensional divine weapons were considered as myths on this mainland. No one had ever seen one before.

    The man in red smiled.

    His smile was absolutely magnificent yet also domineering and keen.

    "Yu Xinglong, everyone knows that spiritual beasts with more powerful talents can take human form once they reach a certain stage. However, there's never been a spiritual beast who could take a human form during their childhood stage. Not even the powerful dragons have this ability, they only have the ability to transform when they reach adulthood! If a spiritual beast like that exists in the world, then it must carry the peak of existence on the mainland! Hence, do you really think that a child could be a spiritual beast?"

    Yu Xinglong was so humiliated that he dearly wished to find a hole to bury himself in. After all, when all has been said and done, he also felt that it was impossible for a spiritual beast to transform into a human before reaching adulthood. Only the Ancient Divine Spiritual Beasts have this ability but the Ancient Divine Spiritual Beasts were the myth of myths. How could a good-for-nothing possibly control such a powerful existence?

    "This..." Yu Xinglong took a deep breath and admitted unwillingly, "Perhaps I was wrong."

    "Wrong?" The man in red laughed frostily, "You had framed my daughter. How could the mere confession of a mistake be enough to even the score? I won't let this matter slide so easily if you do not give me an explanation!"

    Yu Xinglong fiercely gritted his teeth, "Grand Lord Hong Lian, don't you start reaching out for a yard after taking an inch. What exactly do you want?"

    "Kneel and apologize to my daughter."

    The man clasped his hands behind him as his red robes fluttered gently. His steel-cut eye shot towards Yu Xinglong like blades. His tone of voice left no room for negotiations.

    "You..." Yu Xinglong's entire body trembled, "A scholar prefers death to humiliation. Grand Master Hong Lian, you should not cross the line!"
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