Chapter 788: Give Me An Explanation (4)

    Chapter 788: Give Me An Explanation (4)

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    If one wants to enter the Drifting Wind Country, one would need to cross the ten-thousand-mile mountain range, Qinling.

    The spiritual beasts in Qinling were extremely ferocious and no one below the level of a Martial Honor could pass through the mountain range successfully. However, Qinling was full of precious medicinal herbs. Gu Ruoyun had managed to gather many medicinal herbs along her journey.

    At this moment, a stalk of little red flowers came into view. Gu Ruoyun's eyes shone, "Are those Fire Feather Herbs? These Fire Feather Herbs are extremely valuable. Perhaps I could use them in future pill refinements."

    Gu Ruoyun slowly stepped forward at the thought. However, just as her finger was about to touch the Fire Feather Herb, a blast of air rolled towards her. It crashed in front of her and destroyed the Fire Feather Herbs before she could even pull it out from the roots.

    Gu Ruoyun's face turned black instantly. She lifted her head and a familiar figure came into view, causing her expression to tremble. A wave of shock flashed in her eyes.

    "Qi Haoran, what do you think you're doing?"

    A young woman who was standing nearby looked incensed as she glared furiously at the man in front of her. She bit her lips as she spoke.

    The man, who was addressed as Qi Haoran, was dressed in fine robes and laughed mildly in return. His despicable eyes stared at the young woman standing before him as his lips curled into a smile, "Little Princess, come back with me!"

    "And if I won't?"

    The young woman gritted her teeth, "Qi Haoran, don't even think of threatening me. I won't listen to your orders nor will I marry a scum like you!"

    "Hehe," Qi Haoran chuckled icily and he glanced eerily at the young man who was holding the young woman's hand, "You're merely some lower class dog yet you dared fight against me, Qi Haoran, for a woman. Allow me to advise you, you'd better go back, urinate, and reflect on your morality and conduct. Are you even fit for someone of the Little Princess' status? Besides... My grandfather is the Chief Imperial Physician of the Drifting Wind Country. On this mainland, I only recognize the Holy Doctor to be more powerful than my grandfather! I've already asked my grandfather to use his resignation from the post as Chief Imperial Physician to force His Imperial Majesty to marry the Princess to me. Think about it, would His Imperial Majesty be willing to lose my grandfather in order to allow you two to be together?"

    He then paused and sneered, "Furthermore, the Crown Prince's body is only now barely holding on by the day. Therefore, His Imperial Majesty definitely can't afford to lose my grandfather now. So, the Little Princess is fated to have no choice but to become my woman!"

    The young man's face grew cold. He tightened his grip on the young woman's hand but kept quiet. His eyes were filled with stubbornness and he stared straight at Qi Haoran fearlessly.

    "Big Brother Mo, run, now." The young woman gritted her teeth, "Go to the Xia family and ask someone to save me. Only the Xia family can help us now. Regardless of how the Xia family is now, they are still Elder Sister Ruoyun's family. They will help me for Sister Ruoyun's sake. Besides, my relationship with Elder Sister Chuxue has always been pretty good."

    "The Xia family?"

    Qi Haoran sneered, "The Xia family who had relied on Xia Ruoyun to rise above the ranks? Isn't the Xia family now relying on Supreme Jin's support? That's how they've managed to reign tyrannical abuse, isn't it? Without Supreme Jin, where would the Xia family even be? Mo Shangfei, you should hate Xia Ruoyun. If it had not been for her provocation towards a powerful cultivator who should not have been provoked in the first place, she would not have caused the annihilation of the entire Mo family, leaving you as a lone remnant! Hahaha!"

    Mo Shangfei's expression turned cold but he did not say a single word.

    When the Mo family had been annihilated that year, he had not been at the Mo family home. When he returned, everyone in the Mo family had already been killed, only he alone was left to drag out an ignoble purpose! Even Xia Ruoyun and Xia Linyu, the two siblings, were nowhere to be found. If it had not been for the Xia family's assistance and the Little Princess' constant company by his side, he would never have been able to endure the past six years.
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