Chapter 789: Give Me An Explanation (5)

    Chapter 789: Give Me An Explanation (5)

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    Mo Shangfei shook his head. He had never hated Xia Ruoyun. No matter what, Xia Ruoyun was his maternal older cousin's sister and had treated him very well. Even though everyone in the secular world accused her of causing the destruction of the Mo family, he has only ever been in pursuit of the truth over the past few years!

    Hearsay may be deceiving but seeing was believing. He would not believe it unless he saw it with his own eyes.

    "Mo Shangfei, do you still fancy yourself as the direct descendant of the Mo family?" Qi Haoran noticed Mo Shangfei's silence and sneered again, "The Mo family is finished. Even if the Xia family had kindly taken you in, you're nothing more than Xia Chuxue's bodyguard now. A little bodyguard like you would dare steal my Princess away. You've certainly got lofty ambitions and are marked for death! If Xia Ruoyun's mother was still around that year, you might still be considered a kindred relative of the Xia family. Now, do you really think that you can establish some sort of connection with the Xia family?"

    Mo Shangfei clenched his fists tightly. The events which had happened that year would forever be a source of agony in his heart! He did not know who was behind the Mo family's destruction and if he knew, he would gather all his power and avenge his family!

    "Qi Haoran!"

    The Little Princess was incensed and she glared at Qi Haoran angrily, "I'm warning you, you're not allowed to harm Big Brother Mo. If Older Sister Ruoyun were still here, knowing her talents, she must be even more powerful now. Would you still dare to treat the Mo family members in this manner?"

    "That's too bad, that human disaster is dead." Qi Haoran sneered, "Even if she's not dead, she was the cause of the annihilation of the Mo family and her own mother's death. She should still be drowned to death by the spit of the world. Are you unaware of what the secular world has been whispering about her? She's a cruel and unscrupulous thing, a thankless wretch! The Mo family favored her so much that year and she? She behaved like an ostrich out of fear of the cultivator who was responsible for destroying the Mo family. She didn't even have the guts to attend old Master Mo's funeral. Honestly, at this point, I admire the father and daughter, Xia Ming and Xia Chuxue even more. Six years ago, Xia Ming had kept watch beside old Master Mo's coffin for a hundred days and Xia Chuxue had cried so bitterly during the funeral out of sorrow that she fainted. As the direct maternal granddaughter of old Master Mo, what had Xia Ruoyun been doing instead? She was so cowardly and afraid. If that's not a thankless wretch, then what is?"

    "Qi Haoran, you shut your mouth!" The Little Princess' entire body was trembling. Her shining eyes were now spitting raging flames, "Sister Ruoyun is not that kind of a person. She must have had hidden troubles that she could not speak of at the time and now she's no longer here! I won't allow you to slander her!"

    Just as the Little Princess spoke, Mo Shagngfei charged towards Qi Haoran like the sharp blade of a sword.

    However, though he had substantial talent, he was no match for Qi Haoran who was ten years older than he.

    Qi Haoran laughed disdainfully and placed his fan in front of him, blocking the attack. He then stopped Mo Shangfei's fist as well and sent a wave of energy through his fan. Subsequently, Mo Shangfei's body was sent stumbling back with a loud bang. His arm became a little numb.

    "Big Brother Mo," The Little Princess' heart clenched. She hurried towards Mo Shangfei and spoke with worry in her eyes, "Big Brother Mo, are you alright? Go to the Xia family and get help, I can deal with him."

    Mo Shangfei shook his head, "No, I can't leave you here. I'm going to take you away today, I won't let you marry this scum!"

    "Haha, Mo Shangfei, you're really thinking of taking the Little Princess away? Have you thought of the consequences?" Qi Haoran burst into laughter and swept his contemptuous gaze towards Mo Shangfei's handsome face, "So what if the Xia family is backed by Supreme Jin? My grandfather has already broken through to the rank of a Martial Supreme. With the addition of His Royal Majesty of the Drifting Wind Country, why should we need to fear Supreme Jin? Besides, I don't think the Xia family is going to make an enemy of me for the sake of a puny bodyguard like you."
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