Chapter 790: An Old Friend (1)

    Chapter 790: An Old Friend (1)

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    The Little Princess was beginning to feel nervous and she stared worriedly at Mo Shangfei as she bit her lip, "Big Brother Mo, the Xia family will definitely help us, right?"

    Mo Shangfei smiled bitterly as he gazed at the Little Princess' sparkling eyes.

    All these years, the Xia family had willingly taken him in and he was very thankful for that. After all, the enemy who was responsible for exterminating the Mo family was still at large. If that person was to find out that the Xia family had taken him, a surviving member of the Mo family, under their protection, it would also bring disaster upon the Xia family.

    Even so, the Xia family had ignored the peril and kept him by their side.

    It does not matter if his position in the Xia family was only as Xia Chuxue's bodyguard! Besides, the Xia family had already provoked a powerful enemy for his sake so why should they provoke another? Hence, deep in Mo Shangfei's heart, he knew that there was no use in asking the Xia family's help for this.

    "Mo Shangfei, you've entangled yourself with the Little Princess. You will not be spared!"

    A wave of cold light shot across Qi Haoran's eyes. With a forceful wave of his fan, numerous rays of swift and fierce light suddenly pierced through the sky before shooting towards Mo Shangfei's chest.

    "Big Brother Mo, watch out!"

    The Little Princess' face immediately drained of color. In a flash, she had thrown her body in front of Mo Shangfei and her eyes were full of stubbornness.

    Ever since the day she had promised herself to Big Brother Mo, he has become the most important person in the world to her. She would willingly give her life up to protect him from harm's way.

    However, at that moment, Mo Shangfei embraced the Little Princess tightly before quickly turning around and exposing his back to the silvery rays of light. He firmly protected the young woman in his arms; his eyes were filled with determination and deep love.


    Suddenly, a powerful gust of wind rushed in from the side and the silvery light was deflected, charging towards Qi Haoran instead.

    Qi Haoran's expression changed greatly. He quickly hid behind an old tree and the silvery light rushed towards it as well. The originally sturdy old tree suddenly crashed to the ground in a cloud of dust.

    "Cough, cough."

    Qi Haoran coughed drily as his eyes glared menacingly at the woman in green who was standing behind Mo Shangfei. He gritted his teeth, "Who are you? Are you trying to butt in?"

    The woman in the green robes calmly raised her eyebrows and glared coldly back at Qi Haoran's ashen face. Her voice was as clear and calm like the wind, slowly echoing throughout the dust-filled mountain range.

    "You had destroyed my medicinal herbs so how do you plan on compensating me?"

    "You..." Qi Haoran glared at her, "When have I ever destroyed your medicinal herbs? You're just trying to blackmail me. Out with it, how much money do you want? Give me a price and scram after I give you the money!"


    The woman's eyes flickered and a hurricane rose from beneath her feet. A wave of energy whirled towards Qi Haoran and sent him flying out of the way. It threw him away before violently slamming him on the ground.

    "Damned girl, if you won't do this the easy way, then we'll do it the hard way. Do you know who I am?" Qi Haoran crawled to his feet and wiped the blood off the corner of his lips. His eyes flashed with ferocity, "Provoking me will not end well for you!"

    Gu Ruoyun stared at him calmly. She then took a few steps forward.

    As Qi Haoran watched her approach him, he began to feel absolutely terrified. He completely forgot his bold and grandiose words as he immediately turned around and ran far, far away!

    Gu Ruoyun was mildly stunned She then rubbed her nose exasperatedly and turned towards the two people behind her.
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